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James Edward Rubin

James Rubin’s Legal Guides

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  • How Employment Lawyers Charge Their Clients

    Hourly billing -Most risky for client; Least risky for attorney. The attorney keeps track of his or her time and send the client a bill for the hours worked. Because liability often is not readily ap

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  • My employer in Maryland offered me a severance package in exchange for a waiver. What should I do?

    Understand exactly what it is you are waiving. If possible, have a lawyer review the agreement. Some employers take advantage of their superior bargaining power and insert unfavorable terms in severa

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  • Threatened with a non compete agreement in Maryland?

    If you are served with legal papers call a lawyer immediately. Employers often ask the Court to grant immediate emergency relief in these cases. Time is of the essence. Bring the Court papers with yo

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