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Henry E Weil

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  • Highly recommended!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Marcus

    Mr. Henry Weil is very knowledgeable of the law and he worked really hard to help me get custody of my children and divorced without having to wait the required year in Maryland (because of the circumstances in the situation), I had no idea it would have been possible that fast. I highly recommend him. If you want someone who knows what he's doing, go to Mr. Weil.

  • Thanks Mr. Weil.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Jasbir

    Sometimes in life destiny stamp on aspiration and hopes of an individual and pushes one to face agonizing moments. I had a similar experience whereby I was allured to enter into wed-lock with a man who portrayed the glamorous picture of a stable family, a humble man and fake riches. Gradually he started getting unmasked. I was appalled by his unbecoming and eccentric behavior. As a daily routine he resorted to physical abuse and mental torture. Even arrival of our daughter didn’t change him and he remained angry, violent, unconcerned and uninvolved.

    In brief, the physical abuse and mental torture was unbearable. Such as atmosphere of extreme tension and suffocation was not conducive for a positive growth of my daughter. As a woman and as a mother, I could no longer tolerate the abuse and had no other option but to seek divorce.
    I was not at all aware of the procedures and practices of the court. There was no one to guide me. I have no family in the US who could have come to my rescue. Then, I met Mr. Weil to whom I narrated the entire story and told him of my distress.

    All along the proceedings he provided me with the needed guidance. I found him to be an illustrious and seasoned lawyer. Cool, calm and composed as he is, keeps a hawk eye on the minutest details. With his outstanding professional acumen, he skillfully outmaneuvers his opponents giving appropriate rebuttal. Convincingly, he puts forward his views with full force at his command.

    Besides a wonderful human being and a fatherly figure, he is adorned with a multifaceted personality. Whenever I met he soothed my turbulent mind and assured me of the strategy he had in mind for a positive outcome. I vouch for him and his team and strongly recommend anyone who is placed in a similar situation to gainfully utilize his services.

  • I don't suggest going with Weil if you're looking for a lawyer who puts his energy into your case.

    1.0 star

    Anonymous review posted on

    I hired him for a case. The simple case carried out for 4 years and I wouldn't suggest him as a lawyer if you're looking to get a lot out of your case. He cared very little and I had to call him myself for updates. I would go months without any updates on my case.

    Henry E Weil’s response: “Impossible. I pride myself on keeping my clients informed.”
  • Terrible experience with this law firm; Wasted a ton of money and I'm 100% sure it hurt my case

    1.0 star

    Posted by Randy

    Stay away from this law firm. They are horrible. Maybe they would have paid attention to me if my case was more profitable.

    I first contacted this firm based off good reviews and meet with a member of the firm who really seemed to have his head on straight. They made me feel good about my case and I really felt comfortable paying them a HUGE retainer fee.

    A couple weeks later I find that I cannot get in touch with anyone from the firm. I would leave messages, call and talk to the receptionists but no one would return my calls. Finally, a month later, one of the lawyers calls me back. Wow, I have a lawyer now.

    Come to find out, I have a lawyer that provides absolutely no advice regarding my case. Just asks me how I want to respond to events regarding my case. You are the lawyer, I hired you to advise me on what I am supposed to do...

    Now, of course, I want to terminate my services and my retainer is non-refunadble. I have one word for this law firm; thieves. TURN AND RUN!

    Henry E Weil’s response: “I have never failed to return any client's phone call including this client. This custody case was settled through mediation without ever hearing a complaint from the client.”
  • Client Review for Mr. Henry E. Weil / Separation & Divorce

    5.0 stars

    Posted by David

    To provide a brief context - my case - a separation and divorce action - was (as I am sure it is for most plaintiffs in these kinds of proceedings) not only a legal issue - but an emotionally difficult issue for me to handle. Besides the emotional roller coaster, one of the most difficult challenges for me was to be patient as the normal legal process unfolded, often at what seemed a distressingly slow pace. By the time the case was close to being heard in court I had been unable to sit through two attempts to come to a settlement agreement through negotiations.
    Here is my point. Mr. Weil did not let my emotions get in the way of my being able to rationally think through the various options open to me - but patiently advised and guided me - always - and I do not know how to emphasize this enough - always allowed me to make the decisions - and with that guidance moved my case along. Mr. Weil did not let my nervousness over the drawn-out nature of the a separation-divorce proceeding interfere with advising and guiding me through a legal process that was a mystery to me. He appeared to have infinite patience. I believe I have come to understand that this trait of Mr. Weil's is a combination of a natural patience on his part, as well as a vast experience in handling domestic issues.
    In time I came to have little anxiety about how, in the end, the process would unfold or what the end result would be. At each milestone in the case (usually one of the court-determined milestones) Mr. Weil explained the options - gave his advice - answered my questions - corrected my misunderstandings of potentialities and consequences of this or that option. My anxiety lessened over time as Mr. Weil's comprehension and ability to accurately predict the options that would present themselves to us during the process allowed for little to no surprises during the course of process. For me - knowing what the possibilities were - and most importantly - what the realistic outcomes (depending on the path chosen to) were to the choices I made early and over time as the process played out - allowed me to focus on the other hard part of divorce - it allowed me to worry about me - and my emotional responses to the process. Mr. Weil guided me in being able to separate the two as much as humanly possible.
    The fact that Mr. Weil guided me to a negotiated settlement (one that is very satisfactory to me) is just that, a fact. But, the fact that Mr. Weil guided me to a negotiated settlement as a whole person, as one that took the high road (something I would have been sorely tempted not to do without someone like Mr. Weil as an advocate) when there was that kind of moral as well as legal choice to make - well, that is something different all together. For as long as Mr. Weil practices law he will be my first choice as a legal advocate. I recommend Mr. Weil unreservedly.