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General Contracting

Practice Area: Contracts and agreements

Outcome: See Client List Below

Description: Broadcasting & Publishing: WorldSpace Radio, Fox International Television, Playboy TV International, Penthouse International, Exorbis Studios, Hollywood 123 Productions, Worldwide Broadcasting Network, Lionheart Books, Yellow Dot Designs, Hungarian Broadcasting Corporation (Hungary), Space Media Inc., Bob McElwaine-Playwriter. Dynamotion Productions, Direct Satellite Television (Israel), Michael Murphy Productions, LL News Productions, International Media Distribution (Netherlands), Susi Beatty – Author, IN Media International (UK & India), Outlaws Motorcycle Club TV Productions, ZULU Broadcasting, Sports Direct International, Blausen Medical Communications, Strategic Media Services. Technology & Software: Motorola, GTE Interactive/Verizon, MediaSite, Semantix Software (Canada), AppleSoup/Flycode, Interactive Softworks, Seattle Lab Inc., Blue Order, Dynamotion, Entandem, Exceed, Geographic Services, Sekon,, Traficon, Ztango Wireless Ringtones & Graphics, Siteburst, Relevant Knowledge, Digital DJ (Japan), FM Traffic Information & Data Services (Japan), Teleflip Inc., MultiCast Technologies Inc., TechnoMedia International, Third Symphony Audio Services, E-MediaMillWorks, Popular Media, GolfPro, Inc., Strickland & Associates. Internet:,,,,,,,,,, Speed Egg Incubator (Italy),, NetCalendar, The Daily Drill, Your Local Buzz, Metro Networks,, Investment & Finance: SECURFIN (Italy), Golden Egg Ventures (Italy). Trade Association & Non-Media: American Road and Transportation Builders Association (ARTBA), National Asphalt Paving Association (NAPA) Enterprise Business Law Group, Secret Partner, Norrell, Panther Air Cargo, Summit Quarters.

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