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Sonya A Smith-Valentine

Sonya Smith-Valentine’s Answers

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  • I have to respond to a writ of summons. How do I file the notice of intent to defend? Where do I get the form?

    I have to go to court for a credit card debt and I received the writ of summons. They are giving me 15 days to send in the notice of intent to defend. I am going to send it in but I don't know the procedure or where to get the form. Should I send...

    Sonya’s Answer

    Yes, you should send the notice of intent to defend to the court and also to the attorney who is acting on behalf of the plaintiff. Be careful of what you write in your notice of intent to defend as anything you write can be used against you during the case.

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  • My wife opened a credit card in her name. Am I responsible for this bill?

    My wife opened this card on line with a company I already had a card with and they used my credit history to issue her a card. She has no credit history or income so now the card company wants me to pay the bill and keeps calling me and sending me...

    Sonya’s Answer

    If you were listed as a joint borrower on the credit card account when it was opened, you are probably liable for the debt. You need to find out if the credit card company included you as a joint borrower (which is highly likely). Most credit card companies wouldn't use your credit history to open an account for your wife without including you as a joint borrower.

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