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Lawrence Roger Holzman

About Lawrence Holzman

About me

I have been in practice since 1992. Throughout my career, I have always been a "go to court" lawyer.


My job is to present arguments to the court and win.   Over the years, I've been there on many  many issues --- to many to list in one place, but examples include commercial litigation, bankruptcy, large personal injury and accident cases, employment matters, construction issues, real estate matters, landlord tenants disputes, discrmination matters, malpractice .. and so on.


When I'm not practicing law, I am a dad with two awesome teenagers (well mostly awesome LOL).  I also am an avid musician and play guitar and sing with a band some nights, and I'm a professional ski instructor at Liberty Mountain Resort on winter weekends.


I'm always moving and on-the-go as you should be able tell.  But the thing I like best about my job is battling for my clients (and winning of course!). 



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