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Thomas Teodori

About Thomas Teodori

About me

 I'm a self reliant problem solver with intense stamina.   Many people say I'm extremely competitive but I just hate losing.   For the first part of my legal career I practiced workers' compensation, personal injury and Social Security disability in Maryland and Washington, DC.   These days, my practice is more concentrated in handling signficant personal injury claims as well as helping to manage the law firm. Since I started with the firm in 1986 we've grown from 3 lawyers and 2 support staff to more than 21 lawyers and almost 100 employees.  I've lived in the Washington, DC area since 1985 and come from a large family.   I've been married to my wife  since 1994 and have 4 children.   When I'm not working I spend lots of time with my children either watching them play or participating with them in lacrosse, soccer, ice hockey, golf, rugby, skiing among other activities.   I enjoy the outdoors - mountains as well as the beach and try to find time to enjoy traveling to enjoy different environments and cultures.     

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