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Maureen Glackin

Maureen Glackin’s reviews

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  • Wort every penny

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Eduardo

    After meeting with Maureen she immediately did research on my case, gave me
    detailed information regarding the matter and I told her "I want you to
    represent me!" We continued to go over my case (divorce, property &
    seperation) and she had so much knowledge that she educated me on regarding
    the best way to resolve the issues I faced. Her professionalism and
    presentation is commanding, she will fight for her client. She made a phone
    call to the other parties attorney and settled a matter in minutes which
    gave her sufficient time to prepare my case. In court she carries a level of
    confidence that is obvious to the entire courtroom. She is not only
    respected by other attorneys as a subject matter expert in Military Law, she
    is respected by Judges as well. Her unique ability to break down an
    attorneys arguement was something you only see in movies. I have already
    recommended her to people who are seeking divorce attorneys. She was able to
    accomplish a successful trial and it ended in my favor. I wish she would get
    a reality show because she is definitely the superhero attorney you want on
    your side. She is definitely worth every penny and I highly recommend her
    just as she was highly recommended to me. This attorney is more than golden
    she is a Diamond!

  • Rude and unreliable.

    1.0 star

    Posted by Daniel

    I agreed to a consultation with Mrs. Glackin @ $400/hr. She scheduled it for the morning before an emergency hearing. 45 mins prior to the meeting she had her offics call me to rescedule, which, being unsure, i told them i would call back. 5 mins later a different receptionist called and said to forget the last call and the appointment was still on. So to be clear, i asked 'Mrs. Glackin will be there at 9 oclock?'. She replied 'well no, but we have this other lawyer here', as if she was not planning on informing me of the switch in advance. Needless to say I found another lawyer. At $400/hr I expect a higher standard of professionalism.

  • Maureen Saved Us & is Awesome. She is not scared of high-conflict divorces-mine from "well-known" Attorney, sociopath with NPD!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Sarah- alias

    Maureen is fabulous at what she does. Fortuitously, I found her after she was recommended by the circuit court after my attorney quit in the middle of our divorce process, namely because she was threatened by my "Mister Big Shot" DC attorney. My saga is a long one, in the end I intend to write a book, no joke (I'm a writer by trade), so I'll try to keep it short although there are very many things I could address that may help people looking for such an attorney.

    Maureen is not scared of anyone in my opinion :-). I was a young wife & mom with two babies/toddler when my husband left us. We'd been together 14 years and it was shock to the core, "We don't believe in divorce" I was told for over decade, although there were red flags – they seem so huge now- and if I only knew then what I know now. He turns 40 & had midlife crisis. And much more. But I refused separation agreement, numb in shock & busy raising babes, & I did not get an attorney until we had been separated for over a year. I went to various consultations with top attorneys in the area, and many were concerned about the case and it high-profile/high conflict condition. The attorney I finally hired was "ready to attack" husband Who had taken savings, pathological liar, incredibly difficult but she seemed empathetic to my saga & dealing with narcissists it seems.
    So I spent over half a year process and a PL hearing with this attorney. I wish I had Maureen then. That attorney slowly stopped responding to emails and was disorganized mess – but this is about Maureen.

    So, almost 2 years after ex left us, I was without attorney, being attacked with lies and threats from ex, and scared to death. I then found Maureen. She had like a years worth of work and catching up to do for my divorce case. But she worked incredibly quickly and took interest in my difficult situation. She was certainly not afraid of my soon-to-be ex. She is tough, strong woman & was very organized and explained things that I had not learned after being with a different attorney for nearly a year. She hit the ground running.
    In addition she is extremely intelligent. She is very good with the numbers game that is divorce and the stress doing with child support and alimony and splitting assets and more. I would certainly use her again and I'm still in the midst of dealing with a now ex-husband that will not follow the separation agreement signed and notarized with three lawyers in the room. Now I have to deal with him being in contempt of court. Not surprise, no longer does anything surprise me and once a very emotional and overly giving person I was, I learned to have a thick skin with these kind of situations. If yours is not personal, sadly, it is just business. We had many assets to divide after such time together, and you work insane hours the entire marriage and children and they are my life. Maureen help me take the emotion out of it for divorce court purposes. [of course I'm a hands-on mommy, All I wanted was my babies – husband already had mistress the day he left us, and I cared for them nonstop with my mother] husband was gone and took kids seven states away anytime he had a weekend. So we are still dealing with ex NOT following up on his end of the settlement agreement – LYING pathologically, 401(k), final settlement monies, et al.
    Maureen is always there for me. I would recommend her to everyone. And I already do. She is one busy attorney I am sure and has many awards. THANK YOU DEAR Maureen for everything you have done for my family. I KNOW THIS IS CHEESY, BUT YOU KNOW I'M LIKE THAT-- You were sent from the heavens I strongly believe --- I was destined to find you after my other attorney ran for the hills because you saved my life and finally I found a real attorney – organize and brilliant.

    Sarah- Annapolis, MD

    P.s. (-not signing my real name because I'm afraid of ex. He's blocked out any memories of 15 yrs and I don't exist unless he wants to torment me.)

  • Lot's of Thanks

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Kayla

    Dear Maureen,
        I just wanted to send a special word of appreciation. You didn't have to take our case. However Agodd and I are so thankful to you did. You have such a great firm with wonderful caring and supportive staff. Friday afternoon while picking Agodd up from school. Someone asked me how i was doing? I could finally answer honestly. I'm feeling hopeful and positive and optimistic again.  It's a wonderful feeling. Sooooo
    Thanks again,
    Kayla and Agodd

  • Highly Recommended

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Stacy

    When I first met with Ms. Glackin, I knew within the first 10 mins that she was the perfect lawyer to represent me in my divorce case. My fight against my ex was a tough and long process, however, Ms, Glackin stood by my side the entire time and was able to use her military knowledge to fight for the rights that my daughter and I deserved. During the entire process, Ms. Glackin helped me understand what needed to be done, explained valuable information to me and supported my daughter and me. She was very patient with me when I had questions and needed to understand what was going to happen and what needed to be done to be successful. I truly believe that a Higher Power led me to Ms. Glackin and her services. Her professionalism was impeccable throughout, whether in meetings, mediation, but especially during the court hearing. If you are a single mom, facing a difficult military divorce, I highly recommend Maureen Glackin to represent you and your family.

  • Horrible Experience!

    1.0 star

    Posted by Maude

    I would not recommend Maureen Glackin to anyone, and definitely not to any military member going through a divorce. Ms. Glackin claimed to know military law, but the truth of the matter is, she’s looking to give away half of your pension to the other side and then tell you it’s the law without taking any facts into consideration. It seemed she’d made up her mind on how the case should proceed; she never reviewed tons of documents that I provided and seemed irritated whenever I would provide input or ask questions about the status of my concerns. She would read my email inquiries and ignore them for days, sometimes weeks; and when she responded, she was condescending and dismissive. I did not trust anything she said because I felt she was not devoting enough time on my case, and definitely did not have my best interest at heart! Whenever I would question her about her decisions, she would tell me to get a new lawyer if not satisfied with her decisions. I felt stuck, and although not happy, I did not want to change horses in midstream, so I stayed and hoped for the best. But after 2.5 yrs of such poor representation and hostile attorney client relationship, I ended her services and got a new attorney who listened to me, and was able to get the result I was hoping for.

  • Awesome!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Mike

    I sought the legal services of Maureen Glackin regarding my divorce a few years ago and most recently concerning child custody issues. Mrs. Glackin has always indeed been a pleasure to work with during these extremely difficult and challenging life changing events. Mrs. Glackin is incredibly experienced, knowledgeable and professional. Her guidance and counsel was invaluable. I have referred friends to Mrs. Glackin that were in need of her services and will continue to do so.

  • Outstanding!!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Wally

    I am most grateful and appreciative for her help and council during a most difficult period of my life. Her expertise in military retirement pensions and the knowledge of the Calvert County court system was invaluable for the successful litigation of my case. It was a long 17 month struggle in which Ms. Glackin kept me grounded and focused when I became most frustrated. I would highly recommend her counsel to anyone who asked.
    Thanks Maureen!

  • unhappy client

    2.0 stars

    Posted by a Divorce client

    I would not recommend Ms. Glackin to anyone-she was rude and brusque and often acted as if she could not give me the time of day. I found that she actually aggravated a very difficult emotional situation instead of being the advocate and helper that I hoped for in an attorney.

  • Nothing but the BEST!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Jay

    Having worked with this law firm before, I knew what kind of service to expect. When Mrs. Glackin was assigned to my case and we started a working relationship, I knew that I had the best lawyer who was going to do everything in her power to help me out. She was honest, upfront, fair, communicated everything well, and knew her stuff. I would not hesitate to recommend Mrs. Glackin to anyone that would be in need of the services that she is expertice in.