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Andrew David Alpert

About Andrew Alpert

About me

I have over 26 years experience in both DUI/DWI prosecution and defense, including many alcohol-related manslaughter cases.  I work hard to make sure that all possible defenses are explored.  I'm not a stranger to the Courtroom and have extensive Court and Jury Trial experience.  I am especially adept in resolving repeat offender cases where the client is facing a lot of jail time.


I believe that it is important to treat my clients the way I would want to be treated.  I am not just a number or a name on a docket and neither are my clients.  Like me, they have families and jobs and homes, and they need to put this chapter of their lives behind them and return to their lives.  As their lawyer, it's my job to help them do that as efficiently and painlessly as possible.  That means I'm available when they have questions about their cases - not just between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m Monday through Friday, like many lawyers.  My clients can contact me any time they need information about their case.



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