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Laraqui v. EZ-Turn, Inc

Practice Area: Personal injury

Outcome: $250,000 + interest and costs awarded to Plaintiff

Description: In a recent victory, the Fairfax County Circuit Court awarded a Parrish Law Firm client a quarter of a million dollars, plus interest and costs, for injuries she suffered in a fall at her apartment complex. This case began when the client left her apartment to check her mailbox at the end of the hallway. After opening the door to the stairwell, she slipped on a step, fell several feet and landed on her knee. After her fall she noticed that the steps were wet from a recent mopping; however, no warning signs were present. She then began yelling for help; heard someone moving around; and looked down the stairwell to see a maintenance person mopping the floors on another level. This maintenance person came up the stairs to see what the yelling was about and the client asked her to contact emergency personnel. The client also asked her why she had not placed "wet floor" signs in front of the stairs. The maintenance person refused to answer and ran away. The client eventually obtained medical assistance, underwent emergency surgery and spent a great deal of time in a painful rehabilitation process. When the maintenance company was contacted to discuss the accident, it responded with a denial of all fault and even produced highly suspicious records, which allegedly indicated that its workers were not even on the property on the day of the client's fall. After much pre-trial wrangling and preparation, the client's claim was partially settled by the apartment complex owner and one of its contractors; however, the maintenance company continued to deny any responsibility. Ultimately, after presentation of evidence in support of the client's case, a judgment was entered against the maintenance company, which totaled more than $250,000! Obviously, this was a great result for the client and we at the Parrish Law Firm could not have been more pleased.

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