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Michael G Kane

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  • Is it discrimination to fire an employee for preparing to defend himself from an aggressor after being assaulted and threatened

    I was preparing to leave work and talking to an Acting Supervisor for the next shift when an employee come and "Body Checked" me and cussing and threatening me while in my face. He was pulled away by another employee to avoid conflict. He clocked...

    Michael’s Answer

    Sounds like you may have a case of disparate treatment. You would have to prove that your employer treated you differently because of your race. This sounds like a potential case of reverse discrimination and those types of cases are difficult to prove.

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  • Do I have a case for employment discrimination?

    I'm a 58.5 year old white male, still in good health, employed over >36 yrs at the same location for two different corporations (buy out) with a clean work record. Have always been given "meets", "or exceeds" evaluations. Finished my BS/BM in 2011...

    Michael’s Answer

    You may have a claim for discrimination but we would need to know more facts. For example, what are ages of the people who are getting these positions?

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