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Mary S Pence

About Mary Pence

About me

As clients navigate the turbulent waters of divorce, they need clarity as to where they want to go and they need resources to help them get there.  Mary assists clients in developing a “vision” of where they want to be in the future, and in putting in place the “pieces” necessary to achieve that vision.


For the client who feels overwhelmed, beleaguered, diminished, or is experiencing life as confusing and chaotic, Mary excels in helping to develop strategies and skills to address those feelings and in achieving the client’s unique desired outcome. Understanding the very real and raw emotions of clients in divorce, Mary encourages them to balance their feelings with actions that will lead to long-term benefits for them and their children. 


Mary is particularly skillful and creative in getting a divorce process underway which embodies the client’s values for the divorce – values such as dignity, integrity and respectfulness -- as well as at keeping the needs of the children first and foremost in the process. She recognizes that divorce affects the whole person and is adept at bringing resources from the financial, mental health, estate planning and other professions to address all of a client’s needs.


Mary has been a leader in bringing the Collaborative Divorce model to the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area, and in supporting excellence in the practice of Collaborative Law in this area.  She chaired the Collaborative Law Committee of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers ("AAML" from 2005 through 2010 and served as the President of the DC Academy of Collaborative Professionals from 2013-2014.  She has presented numerous times on various aspects of Collaborative practice both to local and national professionals.


Mary is a tough, take charge advocate for her client in any process, and brings a sophisticated knowledge of complex financial matters to her practice.  She prides herself on being highly organized and thorough in her preparation at all stages of the client’s matter. Clients appreciate her zeal and perseverance in pursuing every possible remedy to achieve results tailored to the client’s particular situation. Typically beginning the divorce process in a state of dismay and uncertainty, clients complete it with a sense of empowerment thanks to Mary’s relentless efforts on their behalf.