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Jan M Pederson

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  • Jan Pederson changed my mother's life

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Khalida Brohi

    I am a social entrepreneur, and this April I was invited to receive an Award in Chicago, where I wanted my mother to join me. This is, of course, a lot to ask because U.S. visas for Pakistanis are usually long and extremely difficult processes. And for my mother who had no job affiliation and less documentation to support her, I knew the task would not be easy. Jan came highly recommended and I reached out to her. I couldn't believe what happened next. Jan made sure she was very clear in her messages to us, about the documentation we need, about the application process, and I will never forget that long phone call to prepare my mother for her interview. We were sitting in a village in Pakistan and the phone connection was really bad, but with her patience and brilliance she prepared my mother for her interview appointment. The following week when my mother gave her interview, she came out of the consulate beaming with a new light on her face. My mother was now able to join me in my speeches in the US and talk about her journey. It has been a big hand in changing many peoples' lives. Thank you so much Jan for doing this for us. My mother has had a great visit. She is soon going to NYC to meet with great world leaders, and going back to Pakistan with great learning and development. I am forever grateful to you.

    Hired attorney
  • Consulting for J1 two years home country residency

    1.0 star

    Posted by Ali

    I contacted Attorney Pederson to resolve two years home country residency requirement that is applied to my GF. She and I are both from Iran.
    I chose Ms. Pedesen because of the great reviews from her customers. But I am totally dissatisfied and do not recommend her at all. Here is my reasons.
    My GF is subjected to two years home country physical residency requirement because she was supposed to receive scholarship from Iranian government when she was in the U.S on J1 visa.
    However, she never received the scholarship and the right process as far as I know is to get advisory opinion and submit supporting documents.
    First of all, Ms. Pedersen asked for $475 for one hour consultation. Other attorneys usually charge $150.
    I though it is a good investment if she helps us.
    Anyway, I asked her about an estimation if we want to retain her as our attorney, but she said she cannot give an quote until she diagnoses the problem and knows exactly what she is going to do.

    Anyway, I got the consultation time.
    During our phone conversation I realized that she had not reviewed the docs that I had sent to her and she was not prepared well. It was obvious from our conversation that she was looking at the docs I sent to her three days before and tried to understand them during that one hour period.
    After explaining the situation, she said Iran does not exist and your GF is not subject of two years home country residency.
    I asked her what you mean, are you serious? and she said yes, I am serious. Iran and the U.S. does not have diplomatic relation, therefore, from the U.S. side its like there is no Iran!!
    She said I will appeal the two years home country residency based on this ground.
    I was very surprised and very confused because I did not find such an opinion in any other publicly available information.
    I trusted her and said that's perfect. Then she asked me to tell my GF to go to Europe or Canada and apply for the U.S. visa from there.
    My own experience from many Iranian who got the U.S. visa is US embassy in Armenia, Turkey and other countries around easily give U.S. visa to Iranian scholars. In contrast it is not that easy to get the visa from for example U.S. embassy in Toronto. Furthermore, it is risky because what if the U.S. visa processing time takes longer than the time the Canadian visa or Schengen visa is valid. I tried to raise all my concerns over our phone conversation, but attorney Pederson insisted that my GF should go to Europe or Canada and apply for U.S. visa from there.

    Then, I asked her can she apply for another J1 visa or should she apply for an H1B? She said she can try another J1 and if it did not work she can go for H1B. By the way, my GF has a job offer from a U.S. University.

    Although these advises seemed very strange to me, but I convinced myself to trust attorney Pederson because of other good reviews.
    At the end of our phone conversation I asked about the cost of retaining her and she again said it depends what you want me to do. I said we want you to resolve this two years home country physical presence requirement. But she did not give me any quote.

    After our phone conversation, I sent an email and asked her what happens if my GF goes to Europe and her Schengen visa expires before she gets the U.S. visa? She did not reply me back for on week.

    Then attorney Pederson sent me an email. In her email she asked for $5000 to get advisory opinion!! while in the phone consultation section she said she resolves the issue based on the fact that Iran does not exist not by requesting advisory opinion!!
    In her email she wrote "I advised that there could be intending immigrant problems if she applies for a J-1". It was again in contrast to what she said in the phone conversation.
    I replied to her email and told her this is not what you said in the phone conversation. She never replied me back.

    I tried to write the whole story as is. I hope you do not waste your money and time with her.

    Consulted attorney
  • AAA rated - Available, Affable and Able

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    As a physician, I have been taught to strive for these qualities to be an outstanding professional – availability, affability and ability. Having Jan represent us on a myriad of complicated and time-sensitive immigration issues over the last couple of years, I can confidently state that she not only epitomizes these qualities but goes much further by being an ardent advocate for her clients.

    Able – I was introduced to Jan when she was under contract with my wife’s new employer and was working on her H1 transfer. Under the circumstances, the transfer was a sensitive issue for us with possibility of losing AC21 eligibility. Unlike other employer-contracted lawyers, who are often condescending or uncommunicative towards the beneficiaries, Jan and her team treated us as their personal clients. She understood our predicament and personally directed quick preparation of the petition, allowing us to keep the benefits. After this great first experience, we decided to retain her for our H4-EAD and EB2-NIW petitions and she has delivered on all counts. Our H4 and EAD petitions were filed right around the time the rule came into effect and we were served with a difficult RFE. Jen and her partners brainstormed the questions and came up with a very effective reply. I am certain that without Jen’s encyclopedic knowledge of immigration law, commitment and personal attention I would not be able to obtain the EAD and continue to work in the US. Jen not only prepared our EB2-NIW petition but she was personally able to obtain letters from state government which was a key to the petition. Without her help, obtaining those letters would have been a significant investment of our time and efforts. Jen also referred us to her equally outstanding partner, Elizabeth Quinn, regarding EB1EA petition. Both the EB1EA and EB2 petitions have since been approved.

    Available – Jan and her team have set the bar for open communication. From day one of our interaction, Jan has been available to us by phone and email, day or night. On urgent matters we had direct access to her and she would often respond within minutes to hours regardless of the time of the day.

    Affable – Communicating with Jan has Zen like effects. She is the ‘Yoda’ of immigration law. At every stage of these multiple petitions Jan gave us comfort, encouragement and inspired confidence. Talking to her, I knew she is the person I can totally depend on for the right advice without needing to scour the internet for obscure facts.

    Advocacy – Jen truly goes beyond the call of duty. She promptly called and refereed us to another attorney to protect our interests when a conflict developed during her dual representation of my wife and her employer.

    I am truly privileged to have her as my attorney and I unreservedly recommend her on all immigration matters.

    Hired attorney
  • The only immigration attorney I will recommend

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Christos

    Jan Pederson helped me make the final switch from H1B to Green Card a little over 10 years ago. I remember every conversation I had with her, especially the last one when this process was finally approved. Pretty much all my prior experiences with immigration attorneys were marred by carelessness, inadequate communication, lies to cover up their mistakes, losing my documentation, covering up the loss of documentation (including my original graduation certificates /ECGMG papers etc), and worse things during the extremely painful transition from J-1 through O-1 to H1B.
    Jan is in a class of her own, rises above all this (as many immigration attorneys treat us a "poor visa problem doctors" who should be grateful for any help whatsoever), treats us with the dignity we deserve, and goes far beyond the call or duty through her consummate professionalism, and genuine interest in our lives and our struggles.
    We do not forget these things, and we do not forget those who stood by us in our time of need.
    Today, one of my friends is going through the same thing through an employer taking advantage of, and mismanaging his H1B position; I insisted that he reaches out to Jan. I know you are reading this and Good Luck!

    Hired attorney
  • Mahrokh

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Mahrokh

    It is really hard to be truly thankful to someone who saves your life and takes you out of a sudden misery. Religious people would say it's God's gift, spiritual people would say universe, but me... I wanna use a simple globally recognized word to describe this woman: ANGEL

    I am on J1 visa doing my residency training. This June I went to Canada for one week visit and also to get my US visa renewed in my passport. Very unexpectedly I heard from the US consulate officer at Toronto that it will take Washington D.C 3-6 months to clear my Iranian passport! Now imagine that I am in middle of residency, there is not such a leave in any residency program and I could easily lose my residency spot due to this delay.
    Thank to a friend who gave me a name! Name of this angel who miraculously and within 24 hours made Toronto consulate issue my visa. Still I can not beleive how expert this woman is and how I came out of a total darkness in few hours!
    Not only Jan Pederson herself, but the entire team that are working with her are unbelievably nice, caring, passionate and THERE FOR YOU.

    I will not only be thankful of Jan Pederson and her company for the rest of my life, but I'm honored to know such an amazing inspiring woman in my life.

    Hired attorney
  • She just changed my life

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Arash

    Bo matter what the result is gonna be, she was super passionate regarding all the J-1 exchange laws and she went out of her way to help me out of her situation. She fullfills the true meaning of perfect lawyer.

    Consulted attorney
  • Super smart, passion to help, gets things done

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Ali

    Ms. Pederson is a super smart attorney, she knows everything about immigration! She is very dedicated and passionate to help. She always answered my emails and phone calls in a timely manner. I very much appreciate her help with our adjustment of status (green card) application that was stuck for a long time. It took her a short time to get things moving again and get the application approved. it was like magic! I felt helpless dealing with a pending application for a long time, but I felt empowered when I talked to her and got her help. She is a true life saver. I highly recommend her for anyone; especially physicians who need help with immigration.

  • True passion for helping people

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    I came across Jan as a trainee at an immigration seminar. Well informed and resourceful I kept in touch with her over some years.
    I got some real help from her when I had difficulties with my employer who was ill informed and very hostile to me. Very rightly based on her advise I tried to keep my J waiver job. However eventually this was not possible and my employer was hell bent on destroying my physician career.
    I promptly contacted Jan and she took my case under her wings and very deftly, swiftly maneuvered around to get me out of their clutches. This took a lot of effort , ingenuity , tactfulness and experience with the right kind of knowledge co ordinating with a no of people.The strategy evolved with every new event. We have filed for the j waiver transfer and await the outcome. Whatever might be the result , I am certain that if it had not been for her passion and deep interest in my case , the outcome might have been very damaging due to a destructive employer.
    It is not the money, I think that motivates her but a deep sense of passion to be your true advocate.Like physicians most lawyers are not good at giving preventive advise but she will share with you ways to keep your j waiver job based on her extensive experience.
    Like others I got response from her late evenings and sometimes even weekends.Very approachable.
    Unlike most well known attorneys from big firms who will show up only to market and get your business , you can expect her to be involved at every step of the process. The above is based on my true experience and I recommend her without reservation. I am glad to have found her services and my advocate.

  • A Wonderful Lawyer. She is a life-saver

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Juancarlos

    For me Jane Pederson is not only a wonderful lawyer but also a great person. My wife and I are very lucky because she took our case in 2013 in a very difficult moment for us when we were forced to remain in the US after receiving threats from our government due our posture as human rights lawyers as well as due our journalist articles. I do not have any doubt that she saved us. A friend recommended me her as the best immigration lawyer in this country, and Ms. Pederson showed us that she is a wise in immigration legal issues and is more than prepared to solve big challenges using her wide knowledge and experience.

  • Highly recommended

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Immigration client

    Jan Pederson went above and beyond the call of duty for our family. She is by far the best immigration lawyer I have worked with and is also highly respected in the law community amongst her peers.