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  • I was rear ended, not much damage to my car. But i have had back and neck problem for years was doing well until the hit when

    to the doctor and have been going to therapy have been on pain medicine cent then.I have work in pain for months i didn't want to lose my job. My question is what amount should i settle for and what should i do with the insurance co about paying...

    Eric’s Answer

    I suggest you see a Lousiana personal injury lawyer -- as soon as possible -- to discuss your options. Look for one who is a member of the Lousiana Association for Justice (see and who has a reputation for trying and sometimes winning personal injury trials (it is the rare lawyer who wins all of his or her trials). One problem with your case is the lack of property damage. Many insurance companies take "minimal property damage" cases to trial because they think they can convince juries that without much property damage, the Plaintiff cannot be hurt. If this fact can be overcome, in my experience, it will require the work of a skilled attorney.

    Keep in mind that many insurance companies maintain separate divisions of claims adjusters for Plaintiffs who have, and who do not have, lawyers. Think about why they would do this.

    Only a good personal injury attorney who practices in your State and is familiar with all of the facts of your case can give you a reasonable estimate about its value. Even then, that estimate will probably be best expressed as a range rather than a single number. Good luck.

    Eric Stravitz
    Washington, DC

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