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Morgan William Fisher

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  • What is considered a "reasonable attempt" to contact a creditor in a Bankruptcy Filing?

    I just learned from the bankruptcy court that the address of a creditor, whom I was notifying of the filing, is not deliverable. The creditor was a past landlord. He had obtained a judgment in District Court in 2002 (12 years ago) on $7,000 in...

    Morgan’s Answer

    You really owe it to yourself to find the creditor and serve them with a notice of bankruptcy filing and the 341 meeting notice. By law, you should amend your mailing matrix. You should also file a suggestion of bankruptcy in the district court case. While it would seem unlikely that the creditor will renew the judgment, it will dramatically hurt your credit score if they do. Tom is certainly right that in the end it probably won't matter but why chance it (especially with a residential landlord...the most persnickety of creditors).

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