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Amy R Novick

Amy Novick’s Answers

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  • Can me and my son stay legally in USA or we have to go back to Pakistan?

    Me age 40 and my son aged 18 came to Georgia USA 5 months ago on K1 & K2 (Fiancee Visa). We got married after 2 weeks I came to USA. My son's adoption is in process. Our relationship is not working at all. He is very suspicious about us. He does n...

    Amy’s Answer

    You have options but need to seek the advice of an immigration lawyer to assist you. I suggest you look for a lawyer in Atlanta.

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  • How soon can we resign or switch to a different job after obtaining a green card? Most people suggested 6 months, but why?

    Most people suggested 6 months before switching jobs after green card, but what is the the legal reasons behind this, if there's any? What legal action can a company do to affect my green card status if I leave. Can a company revoke the status?? ...

    Amy’s Answer

    Assuming you obtained your green card through your employer's sponsorship, you may have to demonstrate at the time of naturalization that your intent when you received your green cards was to remain with that employer. If you leave too soon, it can raise a red flag. Your employer cannot revoke your green card.

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  • I have A3 visa now and i found an american family who is willing to file green card for this possible for me?

    If it is what are the steps i need to take and how long it will take for me to have my green card.

    Amy’s Answer

    Probably not. You would have to continue to work of the A-1/A-2 family while your case is pending and the time it would takes for the green card would be years. By then the needs of the family will likely to have changed.

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