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Robert W Liles

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  • Added full coverage to my car the same day was in an accident, now my provider is stating I commited fraud what could I do?

    Basically want to know if this is something I need to worry about or should I just let time take it's place?

    Robert’s Answer

    At the outset, check your policy. Is it effective immediately or only after a certain period has passed?

    If you added the automobile to your list of vehicles over the phone, the insurance company should be able to verify the date and time that you called (a number of insurers report the call). When compared to a copy of the accident report, you should be able to prove that the car was added to your policy prior to the accident.

    In a case such as this, where fraud is being alleged it is imperative that you limit your comments to the insurer. Remember, any statements that you make could be recorded and / or used as evidence against you. I recommend you immediately hire counsel to represent you in any dealings with the insurance company.

    They have contractual obligation to cover bona fide accidents that qualify for coverage under their contract with you. If you can prove that you obtained coverage prior to the accident, they may be on the hook for a bad faith claims coverage case.

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  • Flyers

    I put flyers out today,I taped the to the mail boxes in differant housing areas. I got a call from the mailman,saying i can get in trouble,and to remove them,which I will.My ? is where can I put my flyers for work at without getting in trouble,Can...

    Robert’s Answer

    As discussed by one of the other attorneys, it is unlawful to affix flyers to a mailbox. Further, I do not recommend that you place flyers on on telephone poles, street signs, in street medians or in similar locations. Most municipalities have local ordinances against the posting of flyers or signs on these locations, often providing for fines. While a city may choose to turn a blind eye to a garage sale sign, flyers offering commercial services may get their attention. With the current revenue crunch faced by may cities, they very well could seek to impose fines. Look into direct mail options. Good luck.

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  • Accused of Hipaa violation

    I was accused of a hipaa violation. What are the legal ramifacations in Washington state? Can the other party sue me?

    Robert’s Answer

    The Federal HIPAA privacy statute does not have a provision allowing someone to bring a private action. Having said that, the Federal government can bring significant charges (including criminal charges) against you for certain violations. While such cases are still relatively rare, they are becoming more common. Notably, the indivual whose privacy was improperly disclosed may still be able to sue you under one or more other state law theories (e.g. breach of privacy, breach of contract, intentional infliction of emotional distress, etc.), depending on the facts.

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