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William P. Lightfoot

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  • I made the right choice with William Lightfoot

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Ebony

    I was in a car accident that changed the progressive trajectory of my life. William Lightfoot and his assistant Erika Thompson handled my case attentively and with diligence in addressing my concerns. He made himself available to meet with me and was patient in ensuring I understood all aspects of my case and the process of litigation. I have no doubt I made the right choice in having Mr. Lightfoot represent me in my case and I recommend him without reservation.

  • Very diligent and caring lawyer

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Kenneth

    They don't come any better than William P. Lightfoot. He is a very attentive, caring, extremely knowledgeable, and expeditious lawyer. He kept us informed and encouraged throughout the entire process. We thank God for him and his team of professionals. If you ever need a lawyer he is the man to call.

  • William P. Lightfoot

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Personal Injury client

    Bill Lightfoot is an outstanding lawyer who always put my interests first. He kept me informed about all important developments in my case and made the entire experience a very positve one for me.

  • Justin Beall of Koonz, McKenney, Johnson, DePaolis & Lightfoot

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Eunice

    I came to Koonz, McKenney, Johnson, DePaolis & Lightfoot seeking assistance and answers regarding the death of my husband. I was assigned to Mr. Justin Beall, who greeted me with warmth, compassion, understanding and patience. He never kept me waiting for a response via phone or email, and made a very difficult time of mouring and grieving transition into a sense of security and confidence.

  • It Pays to Go Natural!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Adriene J

    This past June 24, 2010, the Master Colorist and Salon Manager at ULTA Hair Salon in Silver Spring, Md caused ALL of my nearly shoulder length hair to fall out. Thanks to the hair relaxer and color she applied the SAME day with a Redken blend she created herself to experiment with covering the gray while trying to create a "highlight" effect, my hair dropped out in clumps for hours afterwards. By the end of the day, just a few brittle, thin, stripped and unsalvageable strands remained precariously attached to my head. My scalp severely stung and itched in spite of the almond oil I applied to soothe it.

    As soon as the salon opened the next morning, I called my stylist (with whom I had established a solid, six month old relationship by seeing her weekly or every two weeks) in order to explain the condition of my hair and scalp. She said she was too booked that busy Friday to see me. She recommended I keep my weekly appointment the following week when I was coming in for my hot oil treatment, anyway. I was incredulous that she failed to see me immediately in order to observe and evaluate the condition of the hair and scalp I had very carefully described for her.

    It was that blatant indifference that informed my decision to file a formal complaint against this stylist/salon manager not to mention the anger I felt at what she had clearly taken for granted - the NEVER LESS than $20.00 tips for my services that averaged $90-100.00 per visit.They were sometimes higher and, thus, were her tips.

    After my stylist jumped off the phone, I immediately called ULTA corporate offices in Chicago. The Customer Complaint team offered to reimburse the paltry $130.00 it cost me for services that day. Upon hearing their "remedy," I called a friend - also an attorney - who instantly recommended I get advice from Attorney Bill Lightfoot. I am glad I did.

    He took my call right away and empathically listened. As soon as I explained my situation, Mr. Lightfoot recommended a strategic approach that included photographing the process of hair loss and seeing a Dermatologist. I did both before I met him for my initial consultation.

    While sitting in his firm's waiting room, I felt the same embarrassment I felt on the phone when detailing my situation to him. I had begun reading the articles and magazine pieces notable media had published about Mr. Lightfoot and his colleagues. The news, thank you letters and awards hanging from the walls confirmed what I had been told about Mr. Lightfoot. He is good. And he is committed to recovering fair and just damages for victims and victims' families where life or limb is threatened or even lost. I had just lost my hair and THAT was going to grow back!

    Still, during that single office visit, Mr. Lightfoot never minimized my experience. He quickly assuaged my embarrassment by seriously addressing my hair loss with his full attention. He armed me to take on a major corporation. He strategized with me. During that approximate one hour consultation, I heard his years of experience drill down on exactly 1) what I could expect from the insurance company; 2) how to counter any "low balling" and 3) the fair and reasonable amount of damages I should demand.

    The headline is: I was paid PRECISELY the damages Mr. Lightfoot recommended I demand ($100.00 per day for the 30 days it took for my last strand to pop out = $3000.00). He also told me to approximate my hair care for the next 6- 8 months. My estimate was $3100.00. Thus, I requested the insurance company award me $6100.
    Well, thanks to the confidence Mr. Lightfoot instilled in me to handle the insurance company myself with tenacity and conviction, I recently received a check for $6,500! And, my hair is well on its way to being natural and healthy again. So, thanks to his expertise, demeanor and critical analysis, not only does it pay to go natural, it pays to go see Attorney Bill Lightfoot. God bless you, Bill.