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Levy v. CIA

Case Conclusion Date: 07.15.2001

Practice Area: International law

Outcome: Declassification of secret files by CIA and Army

Description: The Freedom of Information case filed by Levy was transferred from San Francisco federal court to Cincinnati. "It's pretty interesting, but it's not like reading a novel," said assistant U.S. Attorney Gerald F. Kaminski, who handled the case. Former Undersecretary of State Stuart E. Eizenstat led a government panel in the late 1990s that delved into classified U.S. documents about gold and valuables looted by the Nazis. He said Dragonovic has been a shadowy figure since the end of World War II, and up until now there was no proof that he had been on the U.S. payroll. Eizenstat said Dragonovic's name repeatedly turns up in U.S. and British intelligence records from the late 1940s as someone who controlled a stash of wartime loot. But there was nothing his panel obtained in CIA and Pentagon files that confirmed suspicions that he had been an American spy. "We tried to get as much material declassified as possible. We still knew there was additional material. They [intelligence agencies] were concerned about protecting their sources," Eizenstat said. "What this shows is that after the war . . . they were often playing both sides against the middle." More at

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