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Danielle L C Beach

About Danielle Beach

About me

Danielle Beach utilizes her 19 years of experience in immigration law to help individuals immigrate to the United States for humanitarian reasons. Born in Brussels, Belgium, Ms. Beach has lived in England, Belgium, Italy and Ivory Coast and has traveled extensively to many countries.  Ms. Beach advocates for clients from around the world who seek freedom from torture in their country, or who are victims of domestic violence and trafficking.  She has facilitated and litigated for family reunification and promoted employment for professionals, creating jobs for the economy.   She has worked with numerous expert witnesses who have testified on her cases for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), forced marriage, illegal organ transplants, female genital mutilation, and political country experts for various countries all over the world.

Ms. Beach is President and Managing Partner at Beach-Oswald Immigration Law Associates. She represents clients who suffer persecution and abuse in their native countries and focuses on helping them obtain a better quality of life in the United States. Ms. Beach actively advocates for her clients and assists them as they integrate into United States culture. She has also represented her clients at U.S. Consulates in Romania, China, Canada, Mexico, and several African countries. With her extensive experience in family-based and employment-based immigration law Ms. Beach not only assists her clients in obtaining a better standard of living in the United States, she also helps employers obtain professional visas and petition for family members.  She also handles many complex naturalization issues.

 Ms. Beach has unique expertise representing clients in immigration matters pending before the Federal District Courts, Circuit Courts, Board of Immigration Appeals and Immigration Courts. She has won over 900 humanitarian cases in the United States. 

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