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John Patrick Mahoney

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  • Do Not Recommend

    1.0 star

    Posted by a client

    I hired John this past year and on several occasions he has been just down right rude, arrogant and abusive! He is very responsive and will answer and/or return your calls, but his information is redundant, it's in his best interest, it's how he makes his money. I found on some occasions, while talking with him, while acting as if he was up to date on my case, he was not. There have been several times it was best for me to obtain information regarding my case myself verses wasting my time and money calling and/or arguing with him. Before hiring this person I would highly recommend an in person consult, if I would have met him in person I would have never hired him as my representative!

  • Excellence in Service, Experience, Dedication - Mr. John Patrick Mahoney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by R

    Mr. Mahoney cared about my case and cares about serving justice. He worked tirelessly in what was a truly mentally and physically exhausting week of hearing AND the 2.5 YEARS of endless paperwork submissions, depositions, deadlines, etc., etc., etc., that were required to move my case forward through the system prior to finally arriving at the hearng stage. His work is exceptional, and he made it as painless as possible. I am eternally grateful to have found him. I would recommend him highly. It is a very difficult life event when you all of a sudden find yourself needing to find an attorney in a short time in a stressfull situation. I have been there. You can rest easy knowing that you have found an attorney that you can trust with Mr. John Mahoney. He has help from heaven.

  • Government scientist who needed a federal employment attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Employment client

    I contacted John Mahoney, Esq., a partner in the law firm of Tully Rinckey, for legal advice involving a federal employment problem. My consultation with Mr. Mahoney occurred long after I had been interviewed regarding allegations made against me, a significant number of which were false. I should have contacted Mr. Mahoney as soon as the allegations emerged, but I trusted in my Agency to conduct a fair, objective, and thorough investigation. Instead, responsible management officials were using the opportunity to reduce my stature, duties, and responsibilities, as well as to degrade my work environment. Mr. Mahoney explained how he could assist me and immediately started to protect me with his in-depth knowledge of federal employment law. Over time, as my Agency retaliated against me for standing up for my rights and exercising my legal defense, Mr. Mahoney navigated me through a labyrinth of legal venues involving my Collective Bargaining Agreement rights, the Office of Special Counsel, the Merit Systems Protection Board, and the Office of Inspector General for my Agency. Without Mr. Mahoney’s guardianship, I believe my Agency would have successfully “steamrolled” me into a significantly diminished position within my Agency and in my professional community of scientists, all the while engaging in violations of law (some repeatedly), harmful errors, and procedural misconduct against me. Throughout the increasingly complex evolution of my case, Mr. Mahoney always respected my contributions to my legal defense, which is very gratifying from one professional to another, as well as my wife’s concerns. As the harm against me, and by extension my wife, increased, Mr. Mahoney repeatedly made sure the path forward contained “reality” checks to ensure we were investing our resources in the most effective way possible. The law is complex and many aspects of a case that might appear “unfair” or “unscrupulous” are in fact violations of law. As a career federal employee who concentrated on my work objectives, I had only a rudimentary understanding of what my rights were and the limited personal wealth from my wife’s and my personal finances. My only chance of being treated fairly by a large powerful Agency—funded by taxpayer money—was to find a guardian like John Mahoney who has an extensive understanding of the law and is a unflinching guardian of his clients. Incredibly, I talked to such a person on December 23 and retained him on the 26th, which shows the extent to which John Mahoney is a passionate advocate for his clients.