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Johnny Riddick’s reviews

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  • Awesome Legal Work - Treated Me Like a Gem

    5.0 stars

    Posted by KH

    I was referred to Mr. Riddick by the D.C. Fire Department, I am a Firefighter of many years. My case involved custody of my 9 year old son. His mother and I were not married. His mother wanted to restrict my visitation to every other weekend, and she did not want me to have the right to share in decision making. She also wanted to make me pay an obscene amount of monthly child support, and she wanted almost $50,000.00 in retroactive child support.

    I retained Mr. Riddick after my first visit with him . I felt confident that he knew what he was doing, and that he cared about my situation. My son's mother strung the case out for almost two years, because she was determined to be in control. We actually met, with both our attorneys, and settled most of the issues in the case. However, after the meeting my son's mother denied that we had ever come to an agreement.
    So we had to have a 3 day trial. Long story short. After the trial, I was granted twice the visitation that my son's mother wanted me to have, awarded joint custody, I pay more than $500.00 LESS in monthly child support than she was seeking, I saved more than $30,000 in retroactive child support, and I was allowed to pay retroactive in $100 monthly installments.

    In other words I got a wonderful result. I owe that man big time.

    Hired attorney
  • Exceptional Legal Work, Exceptionally Caring Lawyer

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Rosita

    I came to see Mr. Riddick about a divorce. A very dear friend and neighbor, who happens to also be an attorney, referred me to him. I was represented at the time by a capable attorney, but because of problematic communication, had apparently entered into a deal to sell the marital home and equally divide the proceeds. My now ex-husband was a very experienced attorney himself, and I believe he pulled a fast one over on my lawyer.

    So I came to see Mr. Riddick, and carefully explained my circumstances. He asked me what I wanted. I told him I wanted to keep my home, and not be forced to move out. I also told him that I did not think it fair that we equally divide the proceeds. He told me he needed to think about it for a day or so. I came back to see him, and he told me a couple of ways to get what I believed was fair.

    For the next year, the case was in court on various motions. Long story short, literally less than one (1) minute before the very last court hearing was to have begun, the case was settled.

    Here is what I got. I got to "keep" the marital home. And moreover, I saved well more than $100,000.00 in buying my ex-husband out.

    I am more than pleased. I am ecstatic. My result was exceptional. And at each juncture in the process, Mr. Riddick would bring me into his office, and carefully explain what he was trying to accomplish, and the risks and possible rewards of his strategy. Further, Mr. Riddick treated me with the utmost respect and tenderness. He did not talk down to me, and he encouraged my questions of his strategy and legal methods.

    He is a quite exceptional lawyer, and an exceptionally caring man.

    Hired attorney
  • Excellent Practictioner

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Earl

    I have known Mr. Riddick for nearly 25 years and he has represented either me or my family members on a number of occasions during that time. Mr. Riddick has been and is very professional and courteous in his representation of his clients. While no lawyer can guarantee a successful result, Mr. Riddick will guarantee his clients that he will fight and give his best in his representation. Mr. Riddick is always timely in his compliance with court orders and for his clients, he timely returns their calls and keeps them informed about their case's status. i was particularly impressed with Mr. Riddick's settlement and negotiation skills. I regard Mr. Riddick as one of DC's best practitioners and would recommend him highly.

    Hired attorney
  • Extremely Complex Case - But a Fabulous Outcome!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by DR. M

    I came to see Mr. Riddick about an extremely complex matter, involving my career as a physician. I knew he was known primarily for his skill as a domestic relations lawyer, but I knew he also handled other types of legal matters.

    My legal matter involved a fraudulent judgment obtained against me nearly twenty years ago. This judgment had grown to more than a half million dollars. More disturbingly, the judgment was affecting my ability to participate in certain health coverage plans. This exclusion from certain health coverage plans was hurting my ability to grow my medical practice.

    Mr. Riddick started working on my case. One year later, here was the result I got. The debt was extinguished in its entirety, and the exclusion was completely lifted. This was a life and career changing outcome.

    I love that guy. I would enthusiastically recommend him.

  • Excellent Lawyer-Excellent Communicator.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by RCM

    I was referred to Mr. Riddick by a relative, a cousin. Mr. Riddick had handled estate matters for my cousin's mother. My cousin spoke really highly of Mr. Riddick, and indicated that he was very experienced and charged reasonable fees. So I came to Mr. Riddick about an estate matter. My older brother had died, and I needed assistance in handling his estate. Mr. Riddick agreed to handle the matter.

    Mr. Riddick filed for and handled the estate matter professionally, and the work was done in a very timely manner. Near the end, we learned that my brother left more debt than assets. So what do you think Mr. Riddick did? He shared with me that he had a younger brother who had recently passed, and in that same conversation, he decided to forgive his entire legal fee. He told me that since the estate did not have more assets than debts, it just did not make sense for me to have to pay anything other the costs to file the estate. Tell me a lawyer who would do all the work, and at the end not charge a legal fee?

    He is a really special kind of lawyer and different kind of man. I recommend him highly.

  • Excellent Result From an Attorney WIth Superior Skills

    5.0 stars

    Posted by JT

    My husband chose to leave me after 33 tears of marriage. It devastated me. I loved him. Shortly afterwards I received a letter from his attorney. The letter was accompanied by a proposed settlement agreement, which basically provided for us to sell everything (we had two homes), and equally divide the proceeds. We also both had government pensions. I was pissed off! So I started looking for an attorney.

    I started researching online for a qualified divorce attorney. I had more than a million dollars at stake so I had to have someone with a lot of experience. I interviewed several lawyers. Mr. Riddick was the last attorney I interviewed. Once I met with him, however, it did not take me long to realize that he was the attorney I wanted. He talked to me about the law in a way that other lawyers did not. It was clear to me that he was a really talented attorney.

    He asked me what I wanted. I told him that I felt like since it was my husband who broke up our marriage, I was entitled to BOTH Houses, and everything in them. He told me to allow him a couple of days to develop a strategy to get it done.

    When we met several days later, he talked to me about what he felt was the best way for me to get what I wanted. He shared his ideas about strategy, and they made sense to me. So I approved his strategy and he went to work.

    About four months later here's what I got. I got to keep BOTH HOUSES by paying a reasonable buy-out figure that I could easily afford. I also got all of the other things I felt I was entitled to.

    So while I am not happy that my marriage ended, I am thrilled with the results I got. Mr. Riddick's legal work is amazing. I thank God for that man.

  • Excellent Courtroom Work!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by C.W.

    I came to Mr. Riddick about a custody case. My situation was unusual. My child's father had another child by a different woman, and that mother had been involved in a court case with my child's father. Same issues. So a friend suggested that I call the lawyer who had represented the other mother. It just so happened that Mr. Riddick was the attorney who had represented the other mother in court, and I knew that he had been successful in the other case. Initially, I had another attorney serving me, but she was not responsive to me, or in my mind acting in my child's best interests. So I made a change.

    When I came to see Mr. Riddick, I brought a relative. In my interview with him, he listened carefully to my concerns, and he made feel that he would do what was best for my daughter. Mr. Riddick also suggested that I make every effort to try to work things out before going to court. He made clear that he expected me to do all that I could to resolve the matter without taking the father to court. And I did just that.

    Here was my problem. I started having constant disagreements about custody and visitation with my child's father. So we had to go to court. On the first court hearing, my child's father consented just before the hearing was to begin, to joint legal and sole physical custody to me.

    But afterwards he stopped speaking to me and his daughter. The problem was that our child was in a great but very expensive private school, and for her to get tuition aid, both parents had to provide financial information. My child's father just refused to be cooperative. And to make matters worse, the school made clear that if both parents did not submit their financial information, our child would not receive further tuition assistance. Our daughter had been in that school for 8 years, and I was determined to keep her there. The school indicated that if I had sole custody, the child could remain and qualify for assistance based solely on my income.

    Mr. Riddick wrote to the school and told them that he was going to do whatever it took to remove the roadblock to the child remaining at that school, and he did just that. He filed for sole custody. We had a trial in the winter of 2014. Less than six weeks later, I received an Order granting me sole custody. My daughter will now get to remain in a great school that she absolutely loves attending.

    I really appreciate how Mr. Riddick communicated with me during the process, and his understanding of my situation as a parent himself. He shared with me that he had a daughter, and I felt he tried to be empathetic. His courtroom work was straightforward and effective. I recommend him.

  • Awesome and On Point Legal Work!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by S.S.

    I came to seer Mr. Riddick about four different legal matters. I was referred by a friend who Mr. Riddick had handled a legal matter (divorce). My friend simply told me that Mr. Riddick was not your typical lawyer. He did outstanding work in every matter, and he really showed me where I was legally vulnerable. My matters involved an out of state probate matter, a real estate matter, and a medical negligence issue. His work was outstanding. But one matter deserves special attention.

    I needed a post-nuptial agreement. I had at stake between $3,000,000 to $4,000,000. So I needed someone with considerable skill. I did not want a divorce. I love my husband, but I did not want to be taken to the cleaners if things did not work out. I told Mr. Riddick what I was trying to accomplish. He said would handle it. He told me I needed a post-nuptial agreement, but that they were far more difficult to get done than a prenuptial agreement. But he developed a strategy that he believed could get it done without damaging my marriage. He did the agreement. I followed his advice to the letter.

    About 2-3 months later, the post-nuptial was done effectively, and without damage to my marriage. In my estimation, getting that post-nuptial agreement done potentially saved me well more than $1,500,000.00. I feel so much better that this matter was taken care of. And Mr. Riddick treated me with considerable patience. He walked me through the process carefully. I highly recommend him. He does his work exceedingly well, beyond my expectations.


    5.0 stars

    Posted by John J.

    I was referred to Mr. Riddick by a good friend. Mr. Riddick represented him in a bitter divorce case, and my fiend was more than pleased with the outcome. My case involved a legal separation. Several million dollars was at stake. I told Mr. Riddick what I was trying to accomplish. I felt like I wanted to keep what I had earned and acquired, but also felt like I was entitled to the marital home because of the unique circumstances which caused the demise of my marriage. I was also sensitive and did not want to hurt my wife, who is an accomplished woman. So I made clear what my objectives were.

    Mr. Riddick thought about it, and we met a few days later. He developed a strategy, and made clear that he wanted everything to be truthful, candid and straightforward. He, and his Senior Counsel of many years, began to execute the strategy.

    His strategy worked. Moreover, it worked for both parties. I got what I believe I should have received, and I got it without trying to hurt my soon to be ex-spouse. Great legal work. And he treated me with kindness, understanding, and considerable professionalism. I am very pleased.

  • Johnny Riddick Review 2014

    1.0 star

    Posted by a client

    At first Johnny did all the right things to give me the impression that he could best represent me in court so that I could continue to see my daughter and raise her to be productive in our society.
    Instead of representing my interest, Johnny first found out that I had a good job and could afford to pay him.
    He allowed my 13 year old daughter to go on the witness stand. This has turned out to be disastrous for my daughter because she is now realizing that it was a bad idea. Her mother didn't care, however I expected Johnny - giving his years of experiences not to allow this.
    Then Johnny started telling me that he will pray for me.
    I needed an attorney to represent me in court so that I could continue to see me daughter even though my wife wanted out of the marriage.
    My wife took advantage of me and my now-ex-wife took advantage of me.
    I needed a good attorney that knows the laws and how to represent me.

    One of the things that he does is not to give you a copy of the legal documents so that he can get more money out of you.
    Telling me that you will pray for me, mean while my ex-wife is killing me in court and she is representing herself and she is not an attorney.