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L. Vincent Ramunno Jr.

About L. Ramunno

About me

         I take great pride in being one of Delaware's biggest and most successful personal injury attorneys. Some attorneys represent, or have represented, insurance companies, not me. Insurance companies are the enemy. You don't make nice with the enemy. If you've been in a car accident, slip and fall incident, some type of incident where you where injured, don't suffer in silence. Call me.  I'll help you get your medical bills paid and money for your pain.

         People sometimes are in car accidents and think: oh, its just a scratch on my car. But please remember, medical and scientific studies prove that an injury can occur regardless of how little damage the car you were in sustained. If you've been in a car accident or slip and fall, and you are having any pain, stiffness, memory problems, etc, you might be seriously injured.

         Call me at once. Obviously, case value varies depending on the severity of your injuries, but what you get for your injuries also will go up or down based on how good an attorney you have. I'm proud that I add value to an injury claim because of my skill and reputation for winning.  For instance, I am honored that Martindale-Hubbell has awarded me the "Preeminent" rating of 5.0 out of 5.0.

       Unlike some injury lawyers, that want to be friendly with insurance adjusters or polite, my only focus is getting the most money I can out of insurance companies for my clients' cases. I'm still proud that some years ago, in a hearing in Superior Court, a judge told me that I was similar to a junk yard dog - I'm pretty sure he did not mean it as a compliment - but I've always taken it as one. If you have an injury claim in Delaware, hire me.  I'll get the job done.



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