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David M. Frees III

David Frees’s Legal Guides

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  • Executors Fees in the State of Pennsylvania

    Who is entitled to an exeutor's fee? Anyone actually serving as an executor. When more than one party serves, the executors fee does not increase and must be divided between or among the executors.

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  • Executor? Avoiding Mistakes and Doing It Right

    Verify The Document and Get Appointed Make sure that you have identified the last will. There is nothing worse than discovering a document, probating the will and then discovering a more recent will

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  • How to Turn Stock Market Mayhem into an Estate Planning Opportunity

    Transfer Assets When Values Are Low If you own stock in a strong company with good long term prospects and value, until recently, it might have been very expensive to transfer that stock to children

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  • How to Avoid the Top Five Mistakes Executors Make

    Mistake 1: Failure to File Returns in a Timely Manner Executors are required to file a number of tax returns and reports within a short time of a decedent's death. Identifying these returns, the dea

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  • How to Protect Your Heirs from Divorce

    Consider a Letter of Instruction In Pennsylvania, an inheritance does not become marital property. However, the increase in value of an inheritance does. The simplest solution is therefore to leave

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