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William T. Wilson

About William Wilson

About me

Bill brings an in-depth knowledge of civil rights and employment law to the matters he handles for individuals and businesses. Bill served in the United States Army for 33 years (1976-2009), 7 years of service was on active duty.


He has extensive experience in Federal and State Court civil litigation, including insurance, privacy law and commercial transactions.


Practice Areas:

  • Commercial Litigation
  • Employment Law
  • Litigation


Recent Representations:

  • Brought suit against Chester County under the Fourteenth Amendment’s equal protection clause for denying women equal access to prison work release programs, resulting in fair compensation to the client, as well as the acceleration of the county’s plans to build a modern work release facility, a project that had repeatedly been pushed to the budget back burner until the county was sued.
  • Represented the mayor of a local borough in a libel action against a newspaper, resulting in a landmark decision by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court rejecting the existence of a “neutral reportage” privilege for the media, which had been adopted in some other jurisdictions, under which a newspaper would have been licensed to repeat the defamatory comments of other public officials, regardless of how false they might be.
  • Defended a multinational corporation in a Title VII sexual harassment and retaliation case where the EEOC had determined that unlawful discrimination and retaliation had taken place but, through careful presentation of facts, obtained a jury verdict exonerating the client.
  • Successfully represented an employee being accused by a former employer after his resignation of wrongfully using confidential information in his new, competitive, business.
  • Bill has been selected as a Top Lawyer by Main Line Today every year the magazine has published on the subject and a Pennsylvania Super Lawyer every year since 2009.
  • In addition to practicing as a JAG officer for 5 years, Bill served a total of 33 years in the Army and retired as a Colonel serving, among other places, in Iraq and Kosovo.




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