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Lance J. Nelson

About Lance Nelson

About me

I counsel individuals and companies in a variety of litigation-related areas. With regard to individual clients, I counsel them with regard to divorce, support, custody, contract issues, business disputes, pre- and post- nuptial agreements and adoption. With business clients, I assist them in navigating a variety of issues including contract disputes, construction issues, corporate control issues and other aspects of day-to-day business disputes.


Snce joining MacElree Harvey in 1992, I was elected to be a shareholder in 1998 and chosen to serve on the Executive Commitee, and ultimately, as the Managing Partner from 2001 to 2011.


Practice Areas:

  • Alimony
  • Divorce
  • Legal Custody
  • Mediation
  • Child Support
  • Legal Malpractice
  • Litigation
  • Family Law


Recent Representations:

  • Successfully represented in a non-jury trial a non-profit organization to resolve certain corporate governance issues that were raised by a dissident group of members.
  • Counseled a father with a significant interest in a family-owned business. Worked with client and client’s spouse’s counsel to resolve issues related to the value of the family-owned business, the division of the marital property, an equally shared custody arrangement and ongoing support obligations without resorting to any court intervention.
  • Worked with a mother whose husband owned a substantial business. Through many court hearings in the litigation process, successfully resolved for this mother all of the issues related to the value of the husband’s business, a custody schedule, appropriate support payments and the division of the marital property.
  • Counseled children who own significant portions of multigeneration family-owned business through the prenuptial process. Helped young man navigate an already stressful pre-wedding situation and address the consequences of his ownership in a multi-million dollar family business without injecting more stress with his fiance.
  • Represented a professional service firm through the arbitration process when a former owner left taking many clients with him. Through the arbitration, successfully secured for the majority owner enforcement of certain financial and other obligations of the departing shareholder.
  • After a multi-day non-jury trial, successfully secured a substantial judgment for a custom builder that included not only sums that were due under the contract, but lost profits.



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