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Stagliano v. Robert Bruce Designs, inc.

Case Conclusion Date: 01.01.2010

Practice Area: Real estate

Outcome: Verdict for client- main case and counterclaim Success after appeals to Superior and Supreme Court.

Description: A new home purchaser sued the Builder for defects in construction and other breaches. The Builder (our client) counter sued for the last two stage payments totaling about $160,000. In a jury trial, the Plaintiff was awarded $0 on his claim. Our client received a verdict and judgment of more that $250,000. The purchaser appealed to the Superior Court and lost, then to the Superior Court for reconsideration and lost, then to the Pa. Supreme Court and lost, then to the Pa Supreme Court for reconsideration and lost again. In a remarkable twist, the purchaser, a local trial lawyer, has now petitioned the lower court for a trial, claiming he never had one!

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