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NiaLena Caravasos

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  • Best Federal Attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Jean

    It has been my personal experience that when an individual or a family is investigated or charged with a crime by a federal agency, it is extremely frightening.
    The most important thing to remember about federal crimes, is the need for the BEST criminal attorney available. NiaLena is by far, the BEST FEDERAL attorney I know. She possesses strategic prowess and an aggressive, yet classy approach to deal with federal agents and prosecution to effectively neutralize any negative evidence accumulated. NiaLena has not only the knowledge but also the expertise to confront the federal prosecuting attorneys for a positive, winning, outcome.
    NiaLena worked passionately to make sure that the government did not include me in the charges against my son when he became a federal target. NiaLena is a true advocate and friend to all who are in need of protection from the federal government. Since that time in my life, NiaLena has been a constant source of information, guidance, and assistance. She is an amazingly talented and gifted attorney. If you need a federal attorney, you do not need to look any further. She will take care of you and your situation without fail.

    Hired attorney
  • seems great

    5.0 stars

    Anonymous review posted on

    She did try to provide me with the best information possible, even though she was able to represent me due to my case not being a federal case. She still answered many of my questions. She truly shows that she cares.

    Consulted attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by SEAN

    The day I got indicted was one of the lowest points in my life. My family retained a lawyer for me and he got me out on bail that day. I set up a meeting with him and I was not impressed by him or the way he told me he was going to work my case. He thought I was going to keep him just because we graduated from the same high school. After the meeting I was not happy, so I decided when I got home to search the internet with some of my family members. That is when we came across NiaLena.
    After reading the reviews on the AVVO site, the article in Philadelphia magazine, and about other cases and people she represented we decided that NiaLena was the person we needed to represent me. After making this decision I emailed her and she promptly responded back to me and set up an appointment to meet. The meeting was quite different from the other lawyers, NiaLena was courteous and showed that she cared about my family and me, that she would be there for us no matter what time of day or night. She was always, and still is very reachable and diligent.
    NiaLena also decided she was up to the challenge ahead of her to take me on as a client in this high profile RICO conspiracy case in Philadelphia against Ironworkers Local 401, I was facing a 60 year sentence for various charges. But with her out of the box thinking and work ethic and never-tiring attitude NiaLena made a very bad situation a very, very good one, at least one that my family and I could deal with. I know that without NiaLena I would not have gotten a sentence of a couple years to serve in a camp. I would probably be worse off if I hired a different attorney because I first-hand saw the representation the other defendants in the case received and the sentences they are receiving.
    NiaLena in my opinion is the best attorney in Philadelphia. Her Meticulous, Ethical, Courteous ways give her clients the best outcome in all of her cases. She truly is amazing!!


  • My Moral Compass

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Joel

    With the exception of my mom and my best friend, NiaLena has had the most positive impact on my life. Wow, even writing that statement seems bizarre, as this is my attorney that we’re talking about. To think of NiaLena as “just my attorney”, wouldn’t do our relationship justice. Not only is NiaLena my attorney, she’s my mentor, my confidante, and most importantly my friend. In a recent conversation (yes, we still talk even though my case has ended), I believe I used the phrase, ”I silently hear your voice, gently guiding me toward the right decisions”. From the moment I met NiaLena, I knew that she was different. At the time, I was just 24 years old, facing the hardest situation I could have ever imagined, multiple counts of mail and wire fraud. The attorney who represented me previously was your typical schmoozer who promised me the world but did little work for the money I paid. Once the indictment came, he suggested that I seek other counsel because he couldn't help me anymore. Over the next several weeks I interviewed numerous attorneys (i.e. ex prosecutors, large law firm partners, and others from small firms). To be honest, all the meetings blend together with the exception of NiaLena. I’ll never forget what NiaLena said to me at our first meeting, ”If your goal is to just win the case, you’re not a client for me, but if you intend to work hard and make real life changes, I’d consider taking you on as a client”. This statement left me floored. I had spent the last several weeks listening to countless sales pitches and here she was telling me about the life changes I needed to make and the hard work that I would be putting in if “she” wanted to take me on as a client. Looking back on this meeting now, those words ring more true today than I ever could have imagined. NiaLena had realized (before I did) that I had become very lost and needed help to find my way back. My case was complicated; we had a few thousand victims, multiple defendants, many thousands of pages of discovery, a multi-million dollar loss amount, as well as an unusual story on how I got involved in this complex fraudulent white collar operation. Throughout this difficult time, NiaLena was right there, reassuring me that as long as I worked hard and did the right things, she would fight for me and have me do things intended to make me a better person, which in turn would help my case. This included working with a forensic psychiatrist. I was reluctant at first, but NiaLena assured me that it was imperative to dive down to the root of the problem and figure out why I had made some of the life decisions that ruined my life. NiaLena also helped me start college and find my one true passion - working with Special Needs kids. In the 2 years of my case, unlike my codefendants who hardly ever heard from their lawyers, I FaceTime’d with NiaLena on a weekly basis and emailed almost everyday. As one might imagine, over the course of our relationship, we had our ups and downs. Looking back now, I realize that I took a lot of my frustration out on her. I’m one of the lucky ones who have been blessed to have NiaLena in my life. With her, my case had the best possible outcome that one could hope for. NiaLena was able to put together a creative argument that decreased my loss amount and reduced my exposure. I was originally looking at a lot of time (my codefendants got 16 and 18 years), but I only served 8 months in a camp. On the day of sentencing, she showed the court that I was a young person who had gotten very messed up and had made a terrible mistake but had truly turned my life around. The judge even stated, ”you have done everything humanly possible to change and I wish I didn’t have to sentence you to prison”. NiaLena invests her heart and soul into her clients because she truly wants to help restore them to good lives. Put simply, NiaLena is one of those, “once or maybe twice in a lifetime type individuals” and I’m forever grateful for all she has done.


    5.0 stars

    Anonymous review posted on

    Thanks to NiaLena, the world will never know my name, at least not in the criminal context. When I first contacted NiaLena, I was a well-known federal government official with everything to lose. I headed a major federal government law enforcement organization with several hundred employees. I was having personal problems, and I foolishly allowed them to spill over into the workplace and to threaten my career, my freedom, and my lifetime achievements. When NiaLena heard my story, she was brutally honest with me about the fact that I was now at risk of being criminally charged for allegedly violating the very laws that I had sworn to uphold. Although I didn’t like hearing the truth at the time, it was exactly what I needed so that I would wake up and get it together. Her representation involved several closed-door hearings and spanned the top of the Northeast Corridor to Philadelphia and down to Washington, D.C. NiaLena didn’t stop pushing and pushing until she meticulously analyzed and presented every aspect of my life in order to convince the appropriate agencies not to charge me criminally. In the end, not only was I not indicted but I was also allowed to maintain my government career and pension. Thank you, NiaLena, for preserving my career, my freedom, and my dignity. Other criminal lawyers say they’re the best; NiaLena just is.


    5.0 stars

    Posted by Larry

    She is above the rest! She realistically sets her defense on the factual basis of the case; she provides honest advice to her clients that may not be music to the ears of many, but at the conclusion of their cases, the honest advice is much appreciated. She promises nothing other than a superior defense, she advocates within the limits of the law; she believes that a good defense is as good as the honesty of her clients.

    NiaLena advised me in every possible way to stay focused on my case in federal court so that she could in return provide me with the best defense. Interestingly, during the proceedings of my case, she provided me with so much compassion that I really didn’t need to think beyond my legal situation, but stayed focus on doing the things that she was telling me to do!

    With her help, I was able to understand the depth of the trauma and scars stemming from events that occurred in my childhood in my native land, events that carried into my adulthood and led me to behave in ways that now threatened my freedom and jeopardized my career as a businessman. NiaLena’s professional and legal representation during the 2 1/2 years that my case lasted proved very powerful. As expected, based on her work, the Judge in my case showed tremendous respect for her work. Importantly, based on how well I was prepared by NiaLena, at the end of my case, the federal judge was so moved and impressed with how I conducted myself throughout the process, he called me up to his bench where he presided, asked me to shake my hand, and he wished me good luck and success.

    Even though I was initially embarrassed and ashamed to face my family and loved ones, I was able to survive because God opened many doors for me by placing NiaLena in my life to assist me in standing strong to be the good person that I am. Due to God’s love and mercy, my sentence was dramatically reduced to probation instead of prison, which hardly ever happens in federal court. My probation sentence can be largely credited to the superior skills of my attorney NiaLena. She has become more than my counsel, she is my friend.

    Selecting NiaLena as my attorney was a life changing experience for me and my family. I am so very thankful that I did not have to serve jail time. Thank you so very much NiaLena for being a fierce advocate for the “little guys” and a super counsel for everyone you come in contact with. God bless you!

    • I recommend NiaLena Caravasos.
    • I hired NiaLena about than 3 years ago.
    • NiaLena handled my Criminal Defense case better than anyone else would have done.
    • I am a better man today because of NiaLena.

  • Super Lawyer!!!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Patricia

    For over 33 years I was the Administrator of a Personal Injury Law Firm located in Philadelphia. During that extended period of time I met countless attorneys, some I admired and some I did not admire. Through experience, I came to know what a true "Philadelphia Lawyer" should be. There are few attorneys I would recommend to friends or relatives. The exception would be NiaLena Caravasos. I know Ms. Caravasos on both a professional and personal level. In fact, I am proud to say that I consider her to be my personal attorney.

    Within the past year I engaged Ms. Caravasos to represent me in a personal/business matter. Ms. Caravasos was always professional, responsive and efficient. She was also both extremely competent and compassionate. She listened, gave sound advice, and resolved the issue to everyone's satisfaction....and then she did the extraordinary, she followed up to make certain that the terms of the agreement were adhered to. A rare quality!

    I, therefore, recommend NiaLena Caravasos, without hesitation, to anyone who may require an attorney that would fall under the purview of her expansive expertise. When you are in need of an attorney who will look out for your best interests, while possessing the traits of integrity, experience, and competency, NiaLena Caravasos should be your choice. She was mine and I never regretted it!

  • NiaLena is Awesome

    5.0 stars

    Posted by NiaLena Helped Me Avoid 15 years

    NiaLena provided the tough love, care, and attention to the law that I needed. I was convicted of a Federal Crime of which I faced a 15 year sentence. NiaLena admonished me in every way so that I she could then provide me with the best possible defense. No other lawyer would have provided me with the tough love that I needed.

    With her help, I was able to confess to the courts, my family, and professionals who provided me with additional counseling that I needed. NiaLena’s love shined through the 60+ page Sentencing Memo that she prepared. The Judge even complimented her on her work. It was absolutely TREMENDOUS!

    Even though I was initially embarrassed and ashamed to stand before my family and the court on Sentencing Day, I was able to stand because God had placed NiaLena by my side. By God’s grace, my sentence was dramatically reduced to just over one year. Much of that is due to the skill of my attorney NiaLena. She works by Love. Listen to her Counsel!

  • Goes the extra mile for everyone!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by John

    I contacted Ms. Caravasos to see if she was able to represent me in my criminal matters. Even though she wasn't (because they weren't federal), Ms. Caravasos went out of her way to help me find the best representation for my case. She is the type of lawyer all lawyers should aspire to emulate. A++

  • unbeatable work ethic, great person.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by antonio

    I had the pleasure of meeting her. Even though i was not able to afford her fees, Even after our meeting she kept in touch and showed a lot of concern about my case. great lady with a high standard of professionalism but above all great human being, humbled and caring.

    Thank you a million