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Andrew Monroe Baer

Andrew Baer’s Legal Guides

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  • How to Handle Information Security Issues in IT Contracts

    Include the Right to Audit Vendors' Information Security Practices New statutes and regulations are requiring (1) pre-contract due diligence to assess information security risk associated with a vend

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  • How to Protect Your Idea in Business Discussions

    Don't Disclose Until You Have to The best protection for an idea is to avoid unnecessary disclosures. Intellectual property filings and non-disclosure agreements (both discussed below) are critical

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  • How to Handle Trademark Issues in Branding

    Think of "Strong" Trademarks Only "distinctive marks" can be trademarked. Terms that are descriptive of the features, qualities or results of using a product or service (SNEAKERMART) are not distinc

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  • How to Write a Website Privacy Policy

    Hire an Internet Lawyer Most web startups don't have a lot of money, and saving on legal fees is an understandable concern. However, privacy is an area where you shouldn't skimp, particularly if you

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