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Joel D. Feldman

About Joel Feldman

About me

For almost thirty years I have called myself a personal injury attorney and a large part of my practice has been devoted to representing those injured, or family members of those killed in automobile accidents. Given that the vast majority of the automobile and truck accident cases I have handled over the years were caused as a result of distracted driving, I could accurately be called a distracted driving attorney. I have filed hundreds of cases where distracted driving was the cause and the numbers of cases is growing. Before cell phones, texting and e-mails became so popular, there were plenty of distractions. Those distractions still exist but now we have many more and the accident statistics show that accidents and deaths are increasing as a result of these distractions. While local and sate governments are debating enacting new laws prohibiting texting or some types of cell phone usage we can do something. When driving only drive. If we keep our hands on the wheel and eyes focused on the road we will be safe.

Attorney Joel Feldman is a skilled trial lawyer who has successfully represented personal injury clients for almost three decades and was the managing partner of Anapol Schwartz from 1991-2009. Mr. Feldman is coauthor of The Library of Pennsylvania Personal Injury Forms – a book that explains how to litigate a Pennsylvania personal injury case from beginning to end.

Mr. Feldman currently works with MADD to conduct death notification classes for Philadelphia and suburban police officers so that officers can learn how to be more supportive to families when delivering the news of a loved one’s death. The classes also teach officers what family members are likely to experience in the days and weeks following a tragic loss.

For Joel, the commitment to helping victims of distracted driving accidents is not purely a professional commitment. It is also personal. In 2009, Joel tragically lost his beloved daughter Casey Feldman in a distracted driving accident. Since then, he and his wife have been working tirelessly to prevent other families from suffering a similar tragedy.

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