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James W. Cushing

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  • Child in another city, mother has no rights but wont allow father to see her at all. is this legal?

    My fiance has a child living in York pa with her mother, when the mom found out she was pregnant she went to live with her mother cutting all connections with my fiance. He had no way of finding her, 2 years later we now have an email and work num...

    James’s Answer

    There are definitely legal options for you to pursue. Finding the mother is one of the first goals to achieve and hopefully you have done that. If you can prove that your fiance is the biological father of the child, he can start working on establishing a parental relationship with the child. I would be happy to discuss your matter further; please call me at 215-563-7776. Thanks.

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  • Can my sons father take my son out of state if i primary and he has partial on his scheduled weekends?

    I have primary custody Father has partial on every other weekend and every Monday evening

    James’s Answer

    It all depends on what the Order states and your respective compliance with it. Please call me to discuss the matter at 215-563-7776. Thanks.

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