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Dennis J. Cogan

Dennis Cogan’s reviews

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  • Dennis Cogan is Philadelphia's Best Criminal Defense Atorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Barry

    After doing hours of research, including speaking to many famous local attorneys, I discovered that Dennis Cogan is one of Philadelphia's best, if not the best, attorney for criminal defense. He was a great choice because he beat my complicated cases. And no, I am NOT a criminal, just an innocent person falsely accused by Philadelphia's crooked cops who had a long history of complaints for similar corruption, all of which were covered up by Philadelphia's crooked joke of a police department.

  • Attorney/Client

    5.0 stars

    Anonymous review posted on

    Having been a trial lawyer engaged in litigation for forty years I have encountered innumerable attorneys engaged in litigation. My experience is: 1. that there are very few attorneys that excell in trial tactics/logistics, 2. there are very few attorneys who have total command of legal issues, 3. there are very few attorneys that come to court totally prepared on every potential issue, 4. there are very few attorneys whose presence totally controls a courtroom. Cogan is unique in that he excells in all these aspects of representation. As a highly regarded trial attorney stated to me as we we watched Cogan addresss a judge on a complex legal issue, "there is Dennis and then there is the rest of us".

  • The Best Criminal Defense Attorney On Earth!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by PATNILSON

    Dennis Cogan is the Da Vinci of the art of law and the very best trial attorney in the country. I am hardly the only person, lawyer or not, who believes that. Mr. Cogan is the definitive embodiment of every desirable characteristic an attorney could have, including creativity, intelligence, knowledge, integrity, work ethic, motivation, meticulousness, street smarts, sincerity, compassion, and fairness. Mr. Cogan's explosive enthusiasm for prevailing in court and winning at life in general is highly inspirational and contagious. His electric charisma (both the star and leadership kinds), dignified aggressiveness, and respectful spontaneity during trials is breathtaking. I should know better than anyone, as Mr. Cogan won all nine of my difficult-to-win cases for me. Amongst Mr. Cogan's hundreds of spectacular, screams-volumes-about-his-superhuman-talent achievements include holding the record for the largest civil judgement against the Philadelphia Police Department and being the lead prosecutor of the homicide unit at the young age of 27 whilst a Philadelphia assistant district attorney. Watching this legendary, larger-than-life god in court is like watching a highly entertaining, brilliantly acted, intricately scripted, and expertly directed Broadway play, sans the frivolous song and dance. I often wondered who was actually running the show, the judge or Mr. Cogan, who invariably commands extreme respect from all involved. Mr. Cogan's youthful looks, endless energy, and infinite passion belie his true age. As expected, Mr Cogan's staff is purely top-of-the-line, from the associates right down to the receptionist. This is a genuine, unsolicited review, not that anyone who knows Mr. Cogan would ever suspect otherwise.