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Anthony Leon Byler

Anthony Byler’s Legal Guides

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  • Protecting Supplier Lien Rights in New Jersey - Follow the Money

    Suppliers frequently provide supplies on lines of credit to contractor customers who are involved in multiple construction projects. In an ideal world, both the customer and the supplier would maintain accounting records keeping each construction project and the payments attribut...

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  • Pennsylvania Construction Tips: Contractor Claims Against Design Professionals

    In January of 2005, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court announced a revolutionary decision in Bilt-Rite Contractors, Inc. v. The Architectural Studio, making architects and design professionals directly liable to contractors who suffer additional costs due to reliance upon false infor...

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  • Pennsylvania Construction Tips: Emerging Release Trends Cost Unwary Contractors

    In its simplest form, a release is an act or agreement to give up a claim. Releases exist in nearly every construction contract and consist of a right given up by the Contractor in exchange for value received. It is a growing industry practice, used by owners and contractors ali...

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