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Samuel Cohen

About Samuel Cohen

About me

Before becoming a lawyer I studied pharmacology at Temple University. Pharmacology is the study of various substances on the body . Because of this, I learned a great deal about medicine and how to interpret medical records and reports. This is a big help in representing injured individuals because there is a medical component to every case. Because of this experience, I know how to ask doctors the right questions to get the most complete information to present about my clients. It is also a tremendous help when cross examining the doctors hired by opponents to try to refute what my clients' doctors say.


As a lawyer, I started out working for the insurance companies 35 years ago. After learning the way they did things, I decided I wanted to work for the injured victims of carelessness to get them fully and fairly compensated. Since then I have worked tirelessly on behalf of people against big insurance companies. Over the years, our firm has recovered millions of dollars for people just like you to make their lives easier and more comfortable after being injured. We will use our talent and experience to help you get fully and fairly compensated for your injuries.

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