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Michael J. Salmanson

Michael Salmanson’s reviews

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  • Resolved a Great Burden for Me

    5.0 stars

    Anonymous review posted on

    A few years ago I had major surgery through the COBRA plan of my former employer and quickly realized that I had fallen into a billing abyss. The surgeon’s office billed at an exorbitant rate and the insurance provider paid a pittance, leaving me with a huge obligation. Adding to the misery was the fact that the insurance was privately managed by my former employer, and the surgeon was out of network though still theoretically eligible for payment. I attempted to negotiate a resolution to no avail and even solicited the advice and support of two state agencies. After more than a year of spinning my wheels I realized that I needed legal assistance but then found it difficult to locate a lawyer willing to take my case. Fortunately, I was referred to Salmanson Goldshaw and found that mitigating such billing discrepancies is their forte. Mike Salmanson is an expert in the field of insurance payment issues such as mine and professionally resolved my problem to my great satisfaction. His billing practices are fair and reasonable, removing this lingering worry was well worth the cost of his services. I would highly recommend Mike Salmanson to anyone experiencing insurance billing challenges such as mine.

    Hired attorney
  • Commendation for Michael Salmanson

    5.0 stars

    Posted by John

    Mike did a terrific job handling a lawsuit involving the break-up of a law firm. The work involved delicate negotiations between two groups of unreasonable people with significant hostility toward each other. Mike handled all of the difficulties with great aplomb, immediately established his trustworthiness, and effectively brought the negotiations to a successful conclusion. Mike is a great attorney.

  • Third time, is in fact a charm!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by David Sauro

    We have used two other employment Lawyers in the past.
    Both with varying degrees of effectiveness and satisfaction. Mr. Salmanson came highly recommended and did not disappoint; rating 10/10. By a huge margin the best attorney client experience of our life! And Andi in his office is excellent as well.

  • If Mike Is Your Lawyer, Consider Yourself Lucky

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Daniel

    Mike is the first lawyer I have ever had to hire. It turns out that he is as competent, caring, and committed as they come. In the 8 months that Mike provided me counsel against a former employer, he communicated with me candidly and frequently about the minutiae of my case. Mike has a gift for translating legalese into succinct, easy-to-understand terms without losing the subtleties that he understands deeply. In his regular communication with the opposing lawyer and with me, as well as during the eventual settlement negotiations, Mike's shrewd thinking and even-keeled demeanor gave me confidence that I was being represented by an expert whose interests aligned with my own. I was grateful that the matter was settled out of court and with as little fuss as possible.

    In addition to Mike's noteworthy professional skill, he is personable and has a terrific sense of humor. Between his deft handling of my case and accessibility, Mike helped me manage my expectations about the process such that I was no longer consumed with the daily anxiety that preceded having Mike as my lawyer. As the other reviewers clearly attest, Mike is an exemplar of his profession. Few others could have demonstrated the same degree of skill, poise, calm, and warmth that he did. Should you ever find yourself in a similar tangle, trust that Mike is the ally you want.

  • Fantastic Lawyer and Firm - Top of the List

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Kathy

    I needed a lawyer well versed in ERISA laws and group long-term disability (LTD) to file an appeal on my behalf. I was given a referral to Mike by a friend whose firm tends to be opposing counsel. I was told that if they needed a lawyer well versed in employment law, Mike would be their choice. From the first time I met Mike, he put me at ease, as well as my husband. Mike is very friendly, personable, and stays level-headed. I actually was wondering if he would have the toughness needed with opposing team since he was such a nice guy. Needless to say, that was not an issue. It’s reserved for when needed.

    Mike always provided explanations in easy to understand terms, communicated strategy, and anticipated potential outcomes and responses. I was always in the loop. Any emails or calls that I sent were responded to either same day or next day. Mike also did not pad hours, he put the time in he needed to, but tried to be conscious of the bill and avoided any extraneous steps. Had he felt they were warranted for my case, he would have taken these steps, but since not needed, he omitted them. These were saved for a future effort if needed. This is where his experience is invaluable.

    As a side note, while on vacation, some correspondence needed resolution immediately. Both the office staff and other lawyers jumped right on top of the issue: I was covered. Even then, Mike touched base to make sure I was comfortable and to advise me he was following the situation.

    Mike’s appeal was impressive. Even though I am not a legal expert, reading the appeal letter further assured me I was in good hands. By the insurance carrier’s response to Mike’s appeal and subsequent inquiries, it was obvious they knew Mike understood ERISA laws and was willing to take all necessary steps. Mike won the appeal for me, without having to go before a judge. Should I need further representation (as is often the case with a chronic illness and LTD) or anyone asks for referral recommendations, Mike and the rest of the firm will be it: Andi, Scott, and Danielle.

    While Mike may handle many cases, he also kept in mind that this was my one and only case and all of it was new to me. During such a stressful and anxious time, this helped put me at ease tremendously. For that, I am extremely grateful.


    5.0 stars

    Posted by Daniel

    I cautiously approached Mr. Salmanson in 2003 after a horrible experience with a previous, more self-serving lawyer in New York. Mike was calm and calculated in his responses, as any good lawyer would be; yet, what set Mike apart was his COMPASSION and genuine sense of wanting to take on the cases for the underdogs. It was a hard case, and we knew it would be long from the get-go. But Mike never wavered once in his faith that the TRUTH would prevail, even at times when I felt complete despair. Mike handled my case with as much care as you would have with your own child - for TEN years though the US Court of Appeals where we eventually prevailed. I also had the pleasure of working with Scott Goldshaw, his counterpart, with as many personable qualities as Mike, which makes them such a formidable team.

    At times, I was concerned that Mike and Scott at times would paint a rosier picture for me than what met reality; and tended to minimize some of the risks or downsides. On occasion I was frustrated by this. With hindsight, I can see the delicate balance for my lawyers between being completely forthcoming and wanting to be that pillar of faith to which client's can cling. I am sure Michael learned a lot about setting expectations from this overly complicated and burdensome case, but at the same time, I can now appreciate his ability to keep me in the game at times when I thought all was lost.

    Michael and Scott's knowledge of the law is unequaled. In Federal Court with big, powerful defendants with two big NYC law firms each with dozens of support paralegals and high-tech gadgetry, Mike and/or Scott stood confidently on their knowledge of the law and of the case, a true David and Goliath experience for me to watch unfold.

    Over 10 years, I have come to know and love Mike and Scott as my own family. I have few work colleagues with whom I have stayed in touch longer than them! I endorse them without reservation, especially for complex cases that require personal attention and the confidence of lawyers who can carry you through to the goal line.

  • Great Job

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Ed

    My case took 5 years to resolve and mike was there all the time, providing good advice, support and a very good understanding of the issues and legal complexities involved. He developed a solid theory of the case and was able, during the trial, to make sure all the witnesses had to deal with the underlying issues, not just the surface things the other side lied about. He managed to bring out all the truths and do in such a way that the judge really understood what had happened. He was fair with me and I would recommend him without reservation for anyone who had employment related issues.

  • Outstanding attorney

    5.0 stars

    Anonymous review posted on

    Mike Salmanson is a highly skilled attorney. He represented me in a discrimination case and the case took 3 1/2 yrs. He was thoroughly prepared every step of the way and when we got to the arbitration phase he was nothing short of brilliant and needless to say we had a significant win. And for those of you that would say I'm only saying these things because we won, in all honesty after 3 1/2 yrs even if we had lost I would certainly be disappointed, but I would still say that Mike was a highly effective, intelligent attorney.

  • Michael J. Salmanson is a superb attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Diane Laison

    Michael J. Salmanson is an outstanding attorney. He was excellent in every
    possible way. He is extremely knowledgeable; he is completely honest and
    trustworthy, and he was responsive to all my concerns and comments.
    He kept me informed immediately about any new development.
    He went beyond what would be expected of him, for instance pursuing
    an opening while on a family vacation. I was extremely impressed with
    the job he did on my case. He had been recommended to me by someone
    who highly praised his expertise. Even so, he very far exceeded my
    expectations. It would be difficult for me to fully express my admiration for
    the work he did.

    He is also a lovely person, which mattered to me.

    He is very sharp and was excellent in handling the depositions
    and every other aspect of the case.
    I was delighted with his work on my claim.
    And he was always very straightforward with me.

    Altogether, I felt fortunate in having him represent me; he is a superb lawyer.