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Joel Jay Kofsky

Joel Kofsky’s Legal Guides

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  • Can A Lawyer Help You Beat A Traffic Ticket?

    With the increasing ability of police departments to enforce traffic laws through a wide variety of new technologies, it is no wonder that the number of traffic tickets has zoomed upward in almost all localities across the U.S. Why Traffic Tickets are on the Rise This uptick in ...

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  • What To Do In An Accident

    In 2010, there were121,312 car accidentsin Pennsylvania; 87,949 of those accidents resulted in injuries. If you, or someone you know, were involved in an accident, would you know who to call to protect yourself? Do you know and understand your legal rights and potential liabiliti...

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  • What To Do With Limited Tort Insurance

    Pennsylvania is one of three states that offer the option of limited tort. When you are signing up for an insurance policy in Pennsylvania, you may choose full tort coverage at a higher price, or you may choose limited tort coverage and relinquish some of your rights to recovery....

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