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$160,000.00 Settlement, "Left Arm Contusion"

Case Conclusion Date: 01.20.2011

Practice Area: Workers compensation

Outcome: $160,000.00 settlement, plus costs paid by employer's insurer

Description: Client had a job requiring substantial use of his hands and arms. He had suffered injury to one arm at work. He had returned to work in his full duty job, but with difficulties that later took him out again on advice from his family doctor. In the meanwhile, THREE insurance-friendly doctors had claimed he was "fully recovered". Two of these were specialists who had actively treated him as their own patient and the third was a specialist named by the insurer for an "IME" ("independent" medical examination at insurer's specific request and direction). This made for an uphill battle. We helped the claimant get the medical support he needed to document the true nature and extent of his work injury and gained him a settlement of $160,0000.00, over and above recovery of our substantial costs in the hard-fought litigation.

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