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Stewart C Crawford Jr.

Stewart Crawford’s Legal Guides

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  • Expunging Criminal Records in Pennsylvania

    Summary Offenses. Pennsylvania has three basic classifications of convictions (summary offenses, misdemeanors, and felonies). A summary offense is any minor crime, initially heard and decided by a district justice. Many violations of the Motor Vehicle Code, such as speeding, ill...

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  • Sample Debt Validation Letter (Debt Dispute Letter)

    This guide outlines a sample debt dispute letter that is based upon the Federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, but also refers to Pennsylvania law.

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  • What Are Statutes of Limitations and Can You Get Around Them?

    What is a Statute of Limitations? A statute of limitations is a deadline imposed by the law which represents the maximum time after an event has occurred that legal proceedings based on that event may be initiated. For example, if your automobile is damaged in a motor vehicle col...

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  • What You Should Know About Residential Security Deposits in Pennsylvania

    Security Deposits. A security deposit (sometimes referred to as a damage deposit) is a sum of money that a landlord may charge a tenant to ensure that the rented property is not damaged or to ensure that the tenant does not default in any payments. A security deposit is not the s...

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  • Watchout for Willful Misconduct in Pennsylvania Unemployment Compensation Cases

    More and more Employers are characterizing an employees termination as willful misconduct to preclude that employee from collecting unemplyment compensation benefits. Generally, the Employers do this to gain relief from iunemployment insurance costs, oblivious to how devastating it can be.

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  • Dont Live in Fear of Payday Loan Debt Collectors, You Can Not Go to Jail!!

    Payday loan companies are notorious for not following the proper collection procedures. Instead they rely upon threats of arbitration, predatory lending practices, high interest rates, and harassing collection tactics. For example, they often threaten criminal action contrary to ...

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  • Still More Debt Relief Tools To Know

    Why Hire a Debt Relief Attorney?You may be thinking that lawyers are useful only for car accidents and bad jokes. You may also be thinking that you cant afford an attorney or that you cant possibly justify adding yet another expense to the growing list of bills that threaten to d...

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  • Understand the Debt Relief Tools Available To You

    Debt Relief? Weve all seen the television commercials and internet advertisements promising to slash your credit card debt or medical bills in half or even repair your credit rating. You might be wondering if this is really possible? Well, it is indeed possible but it should be u...

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