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Paul Gordon Hughes

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  • If I don't break any bones on a slip and fall case I was told I don't have a case

    I fell down an unlit hallway in my apt building I told my landlord its to dark in the hallway 6 month ago and no fix

    Paul’s Answer

    It is not true that you must be able to prove a broken bone to be successful in a claim for injuries suffered in a fall. You must be able to prove an injury, though, and most lawyers will not take a case if they don't think the injury is bad enough to make them enough money to justify the 1) work they have to put into the case, and 2) risk of losing the money they invest in developing the case. Fall cases are sometimes hard to win, but each case depends on its individual facts. The vast majority of fall cases we've handled in our office do not involve broken bones. I suggest you keep talking to lawyers until you are satisfied that the advice you are getting is correct, even if it's not what you want to hear.

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