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Jean Kathryn Moskow

About Jean Moskow

About me

            I have been a Family Law attorney for over 20 years, and have dedicated my practice to those areas of law related to family matters:  Adoption, Divorce, Child Custody and Support, Preparation of Pre- and Post-Nuptial Agreements, Guardianship, Estate Planning (Wills and Trusts), and Probate.

            Unlike other areas of law, where the adversarial parties go their separate ways at the conclusion of the proceedings, the parties to a Family Law dispute often have children, siblings, and/or other family relationships in common, or have forged bonds with their respective extended families.  Because of these connections and the emotional and financial costs associated with litigation, I believe it is necessary to work very hard toward settlement, and will not advise litigation unless all other options have been exhausted.

            Once it is clear that litigation is necessary, however, I aggressively pursue our clients’ interests.  I am effective in the courtroom because I am always prepared, have fully prepared my client and witnesses, and am well-versed on the pertinent law and its application to the facts before the Court.  Because of these efforts, the majority of my new client referrals historically come from satisfied former clients.

            If you are seeking an experienced legal professional to help you resolve a difficult family matter, contact my office to arrange a consultation, either in person or by phone.