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Gerry J. Elman

About Gerry Elman

About me

My firm, Elman Technology Law, P.C., is in Delaware County, Pennsylvania, halfway between Philadelphia and Wilmington. We subscribe to the motto: "Strategic Lawyering. Cultivating Innovation." In fact, that's so important to us that we've registered it as a trademark. With four lawyers and a paralegal, we take pride in the personal service we provide to each of our clients.


I grew up on the north side of Chicago and attended Senn High School.


When I worked on my master's degree thesis in chemistry at Stanford, digital computers were first starting to be used in that field, and there I was at the dawning of Silicon Valley, using a cardpunch to program a Burroughs mainframe computer in Algol.  I've kept in touch with Silicon Valley by serving on the advisory board of the Santa Clara High Technology Law Journal and as webmaster for the local Stanford alumni club in the Philadelphia area.


Now I live in walking distance to the Swarthmore College campus, and I take advantage of their lifelong learning program.  There I have enjoyed learning about Law and Economics, Why We Get Sick or Stay Well, and Quantum Mechanics, as well as the background of the Lord of the Rings books by J.R.R. Tolkein.


I've been using online communication since way before the Internet was opened to the public.  In 1982 I started with MCI Mail, CompuServe and GEnie, as well as numerous individual online BBS's.   On CompuServe, I have been a SysOp of the Ideas, Inventions & Innovations Forum.  I was one of the first online faculty members at an emerging academic institution called the University of Phoenix.  There I taught a course on Intellectual Property Management.


I have been hired as an expert witness for various cases involving intellectual property issues, and since 1982 I have been the founding editor of Biotechnology Law Report.  For even more information about my background, see my profile at


In one of the photos on this site, you'll see me holding my first grandson, Elijah Suraj, born in Hawaii in February 2008.   In June 2011, two more grandsons arrived.


As a teen, I was an avid reader of science fiction.  Now, our firm embodies the registered trademark: SCIENCE FICTION MEETS LEGAL VISION.  


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