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Karen Ann Ulmer

Karen Ulmer’s Legal Guides

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  • Do's and Don'ts of Custody

    DO NOT agree to an Order, even a temporary order, unless you are prepared to follow it for awhile One of the common mistake people make when custody first becomes an issue is agreeing to something th

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  • Navigating the Protection from Abuse (PFA) system in Pennsylvania

    Filing of a Protection from Abuse A PFA can be filed with either the district court during non-business hours such as nights and weekends or the Court of Common Pleas during business hours. If you f

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  • Requirements for a Divorce in PA

    Establishing Grounds In order to obtain a divorce in PA, you must first establish grounds for divorce. There are two types of no-fault grounds for divorce. Although there are fault grounds for divo

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  • How to file for child support and spousal support in Bucks County

    Filing the papers You can file for child support and spousal support or either alone by obtaining the pre-printed forms in Doylestown in the Domestic Relations Bldg located at 30 E. Court Street. Yo

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