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Joyce J. Sweinberg

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  • In The Crosswalk: PA Auto Medical Payments for Injured Pedestrian

    Payment of medical expenses when a pedestrian is struck by a motor vehicle follows a certain order .... In my cases involving auto accidents, clients often ask me why their medicals are being paid under their auto insurance policy and not by the person who caused the ...

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  • Who Are You Protecting?

    A look at PA Auto Insurance: UM and UIM Coverage When people purchase auto insurance, they often buy very high limits for liability coverage and take the lowest possible limits for underinsured and uninsured coverage. Who are you protecting, anyway? Not just the other guy, but yo...

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  • Social Security Retirement Benefits

    Wait until age 70 if you can In reality, most people are putting off their retirement in a bad economy, working simply to pay the bills, with little thought to something called early retirement. In

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    Trial Work Period The SSA allows you a trial work period followed by an extended eligibility work period. If you can work 9 months (they do not need to be consecutive) within a 60 month period, the t

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    HOW DOES IT WORK? Pennsylvania requires at least $5,000 of property damage coverage on your auto insurance policy for property damage to another driver's vehicle for an accident in which you are at fault. You can elect to maintain a higher amount of coverage. Property Damage Cove...

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  • What to do in event of a dog bite...

    Seek immediate medical attention Seek immediate medical attention — even if it seems like a minor bite-this is especially important if the dog is not current on shots. Take photographs Take photograp

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  • How to Take Photographs of Physical Injuries for a Personal Injury Claim

    If you are in an accident, you should always take photographs to document the injuries just in case there is a need for them later. The doctor or the nurse in the hospital do not always document every complaint given by a patient. What seems minor now could become a permanent p...

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