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Christina Weber Crudden

About Christina Crudden

About me

In college, I was an English major, and I always thought that I would pursue a career in that field--as an English professor, or maybe a writer.  I had a job working as a writing tutor, helping other students with their papers and writing assignments. One day, a professor who knew my work there asked if I would be interested in tutoring ESL students--the school had a lot of international students who were learning English as a Second Language, and they were eager to get more help with their language skills.  I was hesitant initially, especially since I don't speak any other languages myself, but I agreed to do it.  The students I met were incredibly interesting--from diverse backgrounds, and with fascinating stories to tell.   I liked working with the international students so much that, by the time I got to law school and saw a course in the catalogue called "immigration law,"I knew that's what I wanted to do.  I've practiced in other areas, and still do, but immigration remains my primary interest. 

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