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  • How do i clear indefinite license suspension in Pennsylvania?

    I didn't pay my initial ticket (i have since) and didn't appear in court. I did show up to the court plead innocent and they will send me a court date. I requested a requirements restoration letter from Penndot several days later and it still sh...

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    Call the court and ask to speak to the traffic clerk. She should have sent something electronically informing PennDot that you did respond.

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  • I was sitting in my back yard with 3 of my friends.i was passed a marijuana blunt ,5 cops came into yard i was arrested,

    i'm 18 yrs.old .home schooled by the lakeside mainstay program . also a bong was on the ground i was charged with that.,all my friends were searched nothing was found, charges are use/poss of drug paraph int. poss contrl subst by per not reg ...

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    I would agree with the others. You have alot of issues here. The new arrest could violate your probation (If you're still on it. It's not clear when you're off). If it's a juvenile probation they may just pass you on to adult court and you may qualify for a section 17 in adult court which would result in your arrest being expunged. If you're already on adult probation, then you might end up going to jail for violating your probation. And still to be addressed are drivers license suspension ramifications. Call a lawyer and get a free consultation.

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