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Zachary Cooper

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If you've been arrested for a Pennsylvania DUI, consider hiring an experienced Pennsylvania DUI attorney who knows PA DUI laws and will fight aggressively for your rights. The Pennsylvania DUI lawyers at Zachary B. Cooper Attorney at Law, P.C. are dedicated exclusively to DUI defense. Zachary Cooper is trained and qualified in the roadside field testing by the same government organization that trains the police, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. He will know if something was done improperly with your field sobriety testing. That may be one way to weaken the state's case against you. Zachary Cooper has advanced training in breath and blood testing, and will thoroughly evaluate your Pennsylvania DUI charge for you to determine your best defense and course of action. Clients don't hire us to hold their hands and plead them guilty - clients hire us to fight aggressively and to do everything that can be done to put them in a better situation. There are many challenges that can be made to a PA DUI charge. Please call the PA DUI lawyers at Zachary B.Cooper Attorney at Law, P.C. for a free evaluation and to discuss your Pennsylvania DUI case.

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