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David J. Gorberg

David Gorberg’s Answers

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  • I want to cancel my extended Fidelity vehicle warranty from the selling dealer. I'm well within the 30 day cancellation period.

    I have contacted the Financial Mgr 3x by phone and no reply. Should I send a certified letter ? What should be the contents? I still need to fill out cancellation form. They forward to warranty co. who forwards to bank re: my lien. I know the deal...

    David’s Answer

    You should send a letter certified to the dealer as well as the warranty company stating your desire to cancel the warranty. Should the warranty company fail to refund your money, you may want to consider hiring an attorney or filing a claim in small claims court for breach of contract as well as violation of the consumer protection law. Hopefully the warranty company will comply with the certified letter. Best of luck,

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