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Joseph M. Masiuk

Joseph Masiuk’s Legal Guides

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  • Do-It-Yourself Estate Planning

    My wife broke her right wrist last winter. This event posed a particular problem for her, since she is also right handed. After the Emergency Room visit, we went to an orthopedic surgeon. As a result, she had surgery, including the insertion of a plate and some screws. While list...

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  • Pass On Your Password

    PROTECT YOUR PERSONAL IDENTIFIERS!! Thats what everyone tells usand its a great idea, too. In this age of identity theft, stolen credit card accounts, and such, we do well to safeguard any and all information, such as birth dates, social security numbers, bank account numbers...

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  • What can a living trust do that a will can't do?

    For those who Are concerned only about "who gets what" when they die, and nothing more; Want only to distribute their assets to their heirs in lump sum fashion; Don't mind that the government is involved in the transfer of assets upon their death a will can be an adequate estat...

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