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Marakay Jessica Rogers

Marakay Rogers’s Legal Guides

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  • That's Not How My Friend's Divorce Went...

    Your friends who have had a legal matter happen aren't experts on your situation. Why you shouldn't take their advice

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  • A Handwritten Will in Pennsylvania

    In some states, a handwritten will is not valid. In Pennsylvania, a handwritten will is valid, but you must sign it and you should have two witnesses sign it as well, attesting that they saw you sign your will. It's preferable for a will to be typed clearly and put on good paper ...

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  • The police want to question me -- now what?

    Be polite This is the most important thing you can do. Being polite and respectful, no matter how angry or frightened you are, will usually protect you more than a team of high-priced defense attorne

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  • Terminating the Other Parent's Rights in Pennsylvania

    Termination without another co-parent in the picture. You simply want to get your ex off your and your child's backs by terminating their parental rights? Unfortunately, no, you can't. If you have

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