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Justin James McShane

About Justin McShane

About me

Justin J. McShane, Esq.

If you are looking for the best DUI Trial Lawyer in Pennsylvania, look no further than Attorney Justin J. McShane of The McShane Firm. Based in Harrisburg, Attorney McShane is the most highly qualified Pennsylvania DUI lawyer and criminal defense attorney.

Attorney McShane is a trial attorney who specializes in using forensic science in defending citizens amongst us who have been accused by the Government. He is nationally known and well-regarded for being a skilled and fierce litigator, but is also well known for his strong understanding and in-depth knowledge in all forms of forensic science. He is a litigating attorney for the Pennsylvania Innocence Project. He has earned Board Certification both in DUI Defense Law by the National College for DUI Defense (the first and only Pennsylvania Lawyer to do so and also was the youngest person in the United States ever to be so certified) and as a Criminal Trial Advocate by the National Board of Trial Advocacy, a Pennsylvania Supreme Court Approved Agency. 

He has also earned certification in Forensic Sobriety Assessment, the first attorney to do so in the nation. He is a Sustaining Member, A State Delegate, and Regional Coordinator with the NCDD. He is the 2012 NCDD Dean’s Award recipient. He is a frequent invited guest lecturer at national, state and local seminars that are attended by prosecutors, police, investigators, lawyers, judges, academics, scientists and policy-makers. He has been invited three times to lecture at the ACS National meeting and has presented twice at the 2011 and 2012 AAFS national meetings. He was named a fellow with the American Institute of Chemists. He has been named a Senior Assistant Chromatography Instructor by the American Chemical Society. He serves as the co-chairman of the Forensic Science section of the American Chemical Society-Chemistry and the Law Division.  He is the Chairman/CEO of The McShane Firm, LLC, a six attorney criminal defense and DUI law firm. 

 He maintains two blogs:

Pennsylvania DUI Attorney Blog and The Truth About Forensic Science.


 For more information about Justin's Qualifications as a Harrisburg DUI Lawyer.

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