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Cindy Lee Villanella Pieret

Cindy Pieret’s Legal Guides

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  • Pennsylvania Custody Case Walk-Through

    Custody cases are stressful for clients. Part of that anxiety comes from the unknown about the process and procedure involved with custody cases. Most clients have never been involved in court proceedings or have never even stepped foot in a courthouse. I hope that by explaining ...

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  • Equitable Distribution is Not "Equal" in Pennsylvania

    In almost all of my divorce cases, I have multiple conversations with the client regarding the meaning of equitable distribution. Most client, with good reason, assume that equitable distribution means that the assets of the parties will be divided equally between them. However, ...

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  • Pennsylvania Child Custody Relocation Requirements

    Whether you are the parent attempting to move with your child(ren) or you are the parent trying to prevent the move, there are requirements that must be met on both sides under the new PA Child Custody Law. The parent wishing to relocate must send a written notification, as spec...

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